Rehearsal Dinner Location

Hello Tucson Knotties. I am looking for somewhere inexpensive to hold a rehearsal dinner for less than 30 people. I was originally thinking El Charro, but they have a minimum for some of their catering packages and I am trying to think of something that may be a little more cost conscious as my FI and I will be hosting ourselves. Thanks!


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Location

  • Maybe La Concina downtown? It's nice and I feel like I've seen them host a rehersal dinner there outside before. Also, I've had a few friend do Macayos. It isn't the worlds most amazing and/or authentic mexican food, however, it is pretty good. They're supposed to be wonderful for rehersal dinners. Red Sky at Bella Luna too. This is all word of mouth, but worth checking out! :)
  • Thanks, I appreciate your suggestions. I'll look into those.

  • Check out Old Pueblo Grill also.  You can reserve rooms there.
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