Invite PIP - Feedback Needed

Duh, I have a scanner. Shoulda thought of that sooner

So one side is the invite, mounted on sparkly cardstock
Other side are the inserts, held in by a little flap of cardstock and a belly band.
Not set on this pattern of belly band, just got a pattern that matched the colors. 
Does it look like i was trying to go too cheap? I really like how simple and sleek it is, without doing a pocketfold, but wondering if it doesn't look weddingy enough.

Re: Invite PIP - Feedback Needed

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    I love the design!
    I don't think it gives the 'cheap' vibe at all!
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    I t hink it's pretty. I really LIKE that paper you found for the belly band paper, I think it coordinates beautifully with the design! I agree with Pixel, doesn't look cheap at all.
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    i'm not a fan of the belly band. since it's patterened, and so are your invites, i think it kinda takes away from it. the design on your invites is beautiful.  i would use a solid colored belly band of one of those accent colors...green? salmon?
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    I personally love the design, however, I agree with Jenn.  The bellyband paper is really pretty, but I think it makes it too hectic/busy looking on top of the colors and designs you have in the invite.  If you really wanted to use that bellyband paper, maybe use it to line the inside of the envelopes?
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    Hm...ok, I semi-change my mind. I like the belly band on the front because it makes it look like the pattern bleeds on to the backer paper. I guess it does look a little too busy on the other side though.
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    The mock-up looks great!  Definitely not too casual!

    I agree with everyone that you should have a solid belly band.  My vote is for a green or orange to match the print on the invite.
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    I think you did a great job, and should not worry about it looking 'wedding-y' LOL

    You should take pride that you made it on your own - not a lot of brides have the guts, time, creative gene, or patience to do so!!
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    I love it but I don't love the belly band. I love the paper but its too much going on with the rest of the invite. The invite design looks great and its totally weddingy enough. I feel like the invite reflects the event and your invite says fun! :P congrats! looks awesome.
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    Diddo PP.  Looks great but needs a solid belly band.  I love your design.
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    allrightees, thanks for all the feedback.. Will be headed back to paper source tomorow for the right band.  KST, i figured out a way to glue the band on the insert side, so it won't show on the invite side.
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