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OKC catering

any recommendations for caterers in the OKC area?  july wedding, late-evening, light appetizers that are easy to eat without utensils...  also a budget wedding.  could use any help finding a caterer!  thanks!

Re: OKC catering

  • hdblainehdblaine
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    I used to work for Spaghetti Warehouse in bricktown and know that they do catering! You can call them and ask what they offer on catering appetizers!
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    I'm using Kim Bryan!  She has another job besides just catering but she does a wonderful job!  And the best part is that, because she is self-employed, she can edit the menu to fit whatever you want!  We're doing different "food bars" - a slider bar with mini burgers and terriyaki chicken sliders, a milk and cookie bar, a salsa and guacamole bar - and a few other things - all of our favorite foods!  Her e-mail is [email protected]  You can tell her Lauren Maupins gave you her information!  She's really awesome and easy to work with!  Hope this helps!
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    I'm not sure what kind of budget you're using, but I've been working with one of the chef's at Rococo to cater our office Christmas party.  They're doing a really nice meal for $14/person.  We are providing plates, utensils, and our own drinks, but I'm guessing if you gave them a budget, they'd try to work with you.  When I called I said I wanted food only, and needed it to stay under $14/person.  Chef Don said that any restaurant in OKC is lying if they say they can't do a food-only job for $14 or less per person.
    In the past we have also used Iguana, and their catering rocks...about the same price.
    Good luck!!

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    thanks for the info MrsOwen.  i'll email her this morning!

    saundramichelle - our budget is small and we are only doing appetizers, not a meal.  not enough room or money for a full sit-down meal.  however, i'll look into both and see what they can do.  thank you so much!
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    You might talk to the people at big truck tacos...they've been great to work with, and might be able to do something appetizer-y for you.
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