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How are the invitations coming along???  I'm slacking off big time.  I figured we can be each other's support system during this whole planning process since our wedding is the same day.  I have been really slacking off lately and I can use the support.  I am trying to set a date for this weekend.  Since we have this Friday and next Monday off at my job my plan is to have them done by Tuesday.  I would love to send them out at that time because I want to make sure I get my RSVPs in so that I can send out the second tier invitations after the first tier "no" responses come back.  The problem is that I am ordering envelopes from this company that are out of stock of the envelopes that I want and they won't be available for at least two weeks.  So I have to wait.  But I still plan on getting the actual invitations ready.  How are things coming along with you?  How's the rest of the planning going?  Are you raising a lot of money with your bowling parties?  That is an awesome idea btw.

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    Girl, I live in slackers ville usa. And definitely can use some support. lol. One part is I feel like Im starting to lose momentum. Maybe its because I started so early, a year & a half ago. The other is we are in the process of moving . And it happened so quick. We inquirered about the property two weeks ago & got it right away. Its owned by fis family. Last weekend up until last night  we were painting and cleaning. And we officially move this weekend. Im soooo grateful. But its killing my time frame and making me too tired to do anything. Plus Im still working two jobs for now. So my plan is to buckle down next weds or thurs and do the invites together. I feel like I have to make an appointment with myself. lol
    My other issue is the address. I dont want to hand write them. But I cant find a reasonable priced place to do them. Maybe I'll check staples or kinkos. The bowling party was great ! We made extra dough because since we had a snow storm, we had to reschedule the date. A lot of the original ticket holders couldnt make it. But they told us to keep their money and we resold their tickets. Cha-ching !!! The rest of planning is pretty smooth. The details are left. I still need to order favors, order programs and make the bathroom baskets.  Oh yeah and pay off everything lol
    Are they positive that they will have your enevelopes on time. Thats so scary. I would be going nuts.
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    @tamtam and kstrugis, my wedding date is the same as you all.  I need some support also.  When are you all planning to send out the invites.
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    [QUOTE]@tamtam and kstrugis, my wedding date is the same as you all.  I need some support also.  When are you all planning to send out the invites.
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    Join the club sister !!!! They say that invites should be sent out 6-8 weeks in advance. So the latest should be that last week in April. I want to send mine out the first or second week in april and I think Tamtam does as well. Just because we have an A list and B list. The earlier we get them out, the faster we can start to replace  the people from the A list that cant make it. And send invites to those people on the B list that might be able to take their places. Hows your planning going ?
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    Yep.  That's right Ksturgis.  I am trying to send my invitations out the second week of April at least.  I am nervous Ksturgis because it doesn't look like the company I am ordering the envelopes from can  definately say that the envelopes will be ready when they say.  I don't want to use the envelopes that came along with my kit because they are flimsy and ugly and I can't believe that I cannot purchase the envelopes I'm looking for from a stationary store.  The company has the style I am looking for in the size I need in the pearlized white, but not in the champagne, which is the color I would prefer.  I may just order the pearlized white, just to be on the safe side.  Ksturgis I have been planning this wedding for over a year also.  And I think that is why I am losing momentum too.  Congrats on the house.  That is exciting news!  I hate painting.  When FI and I moved into our house we had to pain, and I hated every minute of it.  We will hire professionals if we have the desire to paint another room in the house.  Yeah I would check Staples or Kinkos regarding the addresses.  I'm just printing out labels on clear label sheets and using a pretty font.  I simply cannot be bothered with hiring a caligrapher.  I've paid too much for this wedding already.  I probably should order more favors.  A friend of mine gave me her left over favors, but I don't really want to order until I have a pretty good idea of how many more I should order.  What's going in your bathroom baskets?  I'm glad that the bowling party went well.
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    Sorry Tam, work got busy. But fi said the same thing about painting. The next time we will hire people. lol. Clear labels is a good idea. I might have to steal that one. Bathroom baskets are just a cute extra that you put in the rest room for your guest. It can have packs of tissue, gum, bobby pins, hair spray, safety pins, etc....... I cant think of the whole list at the moment. I got the idea from one of the girls on tk. It even has a cute little poem to put next to it. Let me know if you want a copy of the list and the poem. Im more than happy to share.
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