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Chinese wedding dress in Houston or Dallas?

Hi Everyone, 

I'm a newbie on here.  I also just moved to Austin and heard that there's a decent sized asian community in Dallas and Houston, so I was wondering if anyone might know of a store where I can purchase a chinese wedding dress (cheung sam, etc.) or possibly have one custom made for my wedding next May?  


Re: Chinese wedding dress in Houston or Dallas?

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    you should post in the Houston and/or Dallas local board for help.
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    You can also try They also give wide range of bridal shoes and accessories. You can order the catalog from the website. They are able to offer you a more appealing price.It offer an elegant, unique, hard to find Chinese wedding bridal gown / dress, evening dress for the noblest lady, and it`s made of the excellent material, also with the engaging design, and this elegant wedding gown always with the noblest lady, so please don`t wait!  I got mine from there!! I hope that helps

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