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Honeymoon Issues--Need Advice Please!

Hi girls-- Looking for advice on what you would do in this situation!

FI and I had booked our honeymoon for the Paradisus Rivera Cancun, which was owned by Sol Melia Resorts and were SO excited to go--we loved the look of the beach and the resort feel that it had (3 story villas as opposed to giant hotel type set up), and the fact that it was all inclusive!  Then today I got a phone call from Sol Melia saying they had sold the resort!

They offered us to transfer our reservation to the Grand Melia Cancun for the same price, and receive upgrades (massages, nicer room, etc) if we did so.  However, the Grand Melia is much more of a hotel feel, and is not all inclusive.  They said they would give us an all inclusive package for no extra costs, but on top of the huge hotel feel, I am hesitant as to how they will make it all inclusive for us if it is not how the hotel typically operates. 

Of course, Sol Melia did nothing to tell us about who took over the Paradisus Cancun, but I did some digging and it has become the Now Sapphire Cancun. Trip advisor only has 6 reviews of it under the new name/ownership, but none of them are glowing by any means.  FI and I aren't hard people to please though, just wanted access to the pool, the beach, and food with as little hassle as possible...

SO, what do you think you would do?  Transfer the reservation, or stick with the resort we picked out despite the changes?  THANKS!

Re: Honeymoon Issues--Need Advice Please!

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    Because it sounds like you had your heart set on a a non-hotel all inclusive package, I would just switch it to something you really want. For FI and I, we would be annoyed but probably try and get more info about HOW they're going to make it all inclusive.

    But in your case, just switch. It sounds like that's what you really want to do anyway. GL!
  • inkygirlinkygirl member
    edited December 2011
    Ditto pp about getting info on how it would be all inclusive.  Do you have to wear a special wristband?  A lot of places have an AI option and they'll just signify you as one of those people by having you wear a wristband.  If it's something simple as that, it shouldn't be a big deal as long as you don't mind the bigger hotel feel.  And let them know what you were wanting--they might be willing to upgrade your room significantly in exchange for getting rid of some of the other upgrades like the massages.  If that's the case, I'd move to that.  Otherwise, see if they'll give you your money back and go someplace else.  GL!
  • PhotoMotoPhotoMoto member
    edited December 2011
    Yea, if they say they can do all inclusive get them to spell out what that means.  Chance are, they are trying to please people and it will probably be more than you were getting originally.... however, if you don't like the feel than book somewhere else.  Is a refund an option at this point?

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