Is this too tacky????

Hi All.

I haven't posted here before, so let me do a quick intro.
My name is Donna.  Have been engaged for awhile, but have just recently started trying to pick out our wedding plans.
When it has come to making some sort of definite wedding plan, I have been all over the place.  I've wanted a winter wedding at home, then I wanted a beach wedding in the Bahamas, then it was a spring wedding back at home, to a beach wedding in the Outer Banks...I think you get the picture.
Well, just recently, I've decided that I am without a doubt a BEACH BRIDE, but I want to be able to have most of our family and friends with us on our big day.  So that's where I am now.  I'm working on trying to find a venue for our wedding and have a question.
Having looked all over the internet, nothing about OC flatters me to have our wedding.  I don't want a hotel reception, I want a nice, decent priced venue.  I want a water front ceremony and basically have my dinner plan picked's just about finding the caterer/venue that can make it happen.
Thru all of my research, no venue has really struck me as...I have to look here, except for one...still waiting to hear about prices...and that place is Herrington On The Bay!  My only predicament about saying yes (again, depending on prices) is that this is the location that my brother and his wife were married at.  Is it tacky to use the same venue.  SIDENOTE: Our ceremony would be at the same part of Herrington that their wedding was, but instead of using the tented ballroom they have and used for their reception, I would use one of the rooms at their yacht club house onsite for our reception.  This would change it up somewhat.
Still, is this too tacky?

Sorry so long and thanks in advance for your responses!!

Re: Is this too tacky????

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    Have you checked out the Chesapeake Bay foundation? Not as tropical looking but more of a Beach Bay feel.
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    Not tacky -- complimentary to them, I'd think.  Also, another place might be the Chesapeake Bay Resort & Spa (I think that's the name).

    I went through that same back-and-forth, so I feel your pain.  We are, definitely, a beach bride and groom, but it's not going to happen unless we luckily land a nice B&B on the Eastern Shore.  The other places I checked out, including Herrington, CB Foundation, CB Resort & Spa didn't quite meet our needs.  So ... we're spending President's Day weekend on Tilghman Island and checking out any and every joint there!

    Our back-up plan is two-fold, either find a mansion in the District (I live in DC) that doesn't charge an arm and a leg OR find a place in Annapolis (we're going to the bridal show there in March).  And, honestly, the back-up plan may become the first plan if the weekend on the Eastern Shore doesn't uncover any possibilities.

    Good luck!
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    I don't think it's tacky at all. Is your sister in law the type to get upset about something like that?  I would have a casual conversation with her about what a difficult time you were having selecting a location and include that as one of @ least 3 venues and see what her reaction is.  She should be flattered and give her blessings.  But then I am a bride who is getting married on her sister's 7th wedding anniversary date lol... my sister's idea not mine, I was looking for a date in June and was considering every
    Saturday evening except the 19th because of that fact. She was the one who said we should do it and we are going to surprise her and her husband with a little anniversary cake and have them dance to their first song as a thank you. 
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    I do not think it's tacky. However, you might be setting yourself up for comparison. Because it was your brother who was married there (as opposed to a friend or a co-worker) you know your guest list will include many of the same people and so those people will remember this location as the place your brother was married and then perhaps compare your ceremony to his. This is just a consideration, like I said, I def don't think it's tacky, if anything it's flattering to your brother and sister-in-law because it shows how much you enjoyed their wedding!
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