First Maui Trip - Hotel Recs?

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I'm headed to Maui in November for my first Hawaii trip ever, and I need some help on the hotel. I think we've decided on West Maui somewhere. BF's dream is the Sheraton, which I can get for $205/night (includes our rental car as well). There's a series of Aston properties (mostly) that are less expensive, in the $160-$190/night range (again, includes car).

I've seen generally good reviews for the Sheraton - is it worth the extra money? Any other recommendations, especially at the lower end of the price scale?


Re: First Maui Trip - Hotel Recs?

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    I haven't stayed at the Sheraton.  The only place in West Maui where I've stayed is the Westin Kaanapali Villas.  They are cool because you get a full fridge, washer/dryer, stove, etc so you can really set up home, cook, marinate for the grills outside, etc.  The property is very popular with families, though, and carrie & others on the board have mentioned the kid-mania has gotten pretty bad lately.

    Why West Maui in particular?  It can be fairly resorty, with most things requiring a drive.  Kihei in South Maui is pretty popular for more affordable accommodations, and depending on where you are, has a good number of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

    If you're pretty flexible on dates & locations, you might also want to keep tabs on Jetsetter, Voyage Prive, Costco, Travelzoo, etc.  There are frequently specials that are worth looking at as well.

    Is this a vacation or scouting trip?  :)
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    Thanks for the info. I had considered the Westin, but turned it down due to the possible overload of children - we'll be leaving ours at home this trip :) I'll look into properties in Kihei, though. I think our biggest priorities are having ready access to a beach and a relatively quiet property, although we're pretty easy to please.

    Not a scouting trip for me - yet. :)

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    Take a look on VRBO - we always rent out condo's in Kihei off of there.  Great little town!
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    Or get out of Ka'anapali and go further north to Honokowai, Kahana and Napili. It's a lot quieter up there.
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