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June 2013 Weddings

Where are you with your invitations?

I'm just curious where everyone is at. I'm freaking out a little and feeling far behind. Just wondering if you ladies have started or how far you've come along with them.
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Re: Where are you with your invitations?

  • I got my invitations as kits from Michael's. I wanted to get them done while I was on my break between semesters so mine are almost all done. All I have left to do is stuff the envelopes and address them. 
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  • I am in the process of finalizing the wording and planning to order them by the end of the month. 

  • I had them designed and a proof printed but the sizing ended up being way off for the pocket folds I wanted so I actually just finished re-designing them and need to send them off for another proof. 
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  • I just ordered everything to make them myself, all the paper and everything. I felt behind too because I was so picky with them but my sister (married last year) assured me that the timeline on the knot for invitations is pretty ambitious. She sent hers out 7 weeks prior and had no issues. If you're making them yourself it can be tedious however.
  • I ordered mine from David's Bridal a couple of months ago while they were on sale and I had an additional coupon.  I will be taking the envelopes to a calligrapher mid February for addressing and will mail them in March.  We are having a destination wedding so I plan to send them out a little early.
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  • They are all designed and I just have to give the girl the final number and confirm the wording and times.  I think we are going to mail out April 13th and ask for RSVP's by May 25th.  I know there will be stragglers.
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  • Ugh, I'm behind because I have so many international guests and really wanted to send mid-Feb for June 1st wedding.  Fortunately, alot of people were comfortable booking based on the Save the Date so far.

    Currently, I'm finishing up the address list and sent the wording to the designer yesterday.  She's shipping them all the way from MA so that's going to take a bit of extra time and vice versa when we send them out.  We're shaving some time off because the designer is also going to print the guest addresses on the envelopes for us.  Then all we have to do is stuff envelopes and stamp.

    Still hoping to send mid-Feb...but will probably be more like late Feb at this rate.
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  • I just ordered the digital file from a graphic designer on Etsy and it still has to go through 2 rounds of proofs. After the proofing is complete, then I'll be printing them via Vistaprint, so I've still got a few weeks to go before I'll have them in hand.
  • I have purchased the invites that I plan on using, and I have decided on the wording, but that's it.
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  • I still haven't purchased mine, we just had our final tasting yesterday, so now I can go ahead and order since I know what meal options we'll be ordering (we are having a plated dinner). I'm going to call a local print shop to make an appointment so I can look at different patterns, but if they are too expensive I'll just go ahead and order on-line through VistaPring or Wedding Paper Divas.
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  • I purchased ours through Magnet Street, where we ordered our Save the Dates from. We had such a great experience going with them so I felt comfortable spending a little bit more on our invites. They just came a few weeks ago and I love how they turned out. They are great at giving feedback if they don't think a design/wording will work out, and will contact you immediately before they finish. I'd definitely recommend them!
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  • I'm waiting to get my designs back by the end of this week. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have them ordered and plan to send them out in the beginning of March for my June 1st wedding. 
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  • I've picked ours out, but need to wait for our menu planning next weekend.  Our goal is to then start finalizing wording and we still have to finalize the official guest list for my FI keeps wanting to add people.  Anyhoo, our plan is to order mid February, send by Mid March with a rsvp date by May 1st for a June 7th wedding.

  • Where are we with our invitations? Not where I'd like to be? Haha. Seriously though. We were originally going to go through A Giftful Heart (who did our save the dates and we were very happy with those). However, when I was ready to order they said they'd send me deposit information and it's been over a week and despite me contacting them again they still haven't sent the information. So, I think we decided to go with Wedding Paper Divas. We ordered samples last night and those should be here in a week or so. After we get those we'll make a decision and order. Thankfully they ship fairly fast. I'd like to have our inviations out by the  beginning of April for our June 14th wedding. That is about 2 months ahead of time and we haven't set an RSVP date yet, but it will be probably 3 weeks before the wedding or a little sooner because we have to give final counts to the vendors 2 weeks before.
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  • If you're going to use Wedding Paper Divas-- there is a deal on Rue La La for $50 for $100.  I just ordered it for our rehearsal dinner invites.  You have to belong to to the site to order it (its free to join).  Let me know if anyone wants to me to invite them to join Rue La La!
  • I've ordered a sample of the one I liked, redesigned it myself and am now waiting on the printing proofs to arrive from Cards & Pockets. I'm hoping the proofs turn out ok...I really want to get the actual invites printed.  We're doing pocket folds and in addition to the printing I need to put the invites together and add rhinestones to our monogram.
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  • Wow, i feel really far behind, we havent finalized a guest list or planned anything for the invitiations yet for our June 7th wedding.  Thankfully most people are local though and wont return rsvps anyways.  A bit off topic but if they dont return the rsvp by the cutoff date you set is it ok to tell them no they cant come if they respond later?
  • I am glad that I started on my invitations early.  I orignally bought them off Zazzle on a Black Friday special, but there was a spelling error.  After a lot of work, I was able to get a credit for it, experiment with some redesign with color/size/spacing/fonts (and spell check) by only ordering a small quantity for sample. 

    I received my re-order this week and it looks great.  What a relief because that process was tedious.  I am now working on scheduling the rehersal dinner, so I can print inserts for that and hotel information.  I plan on starting to label and address the envelopes sometime soon.
  • In Response to Where are you with your invitations?:
    [QUOTE]I'm just curious where everyone is at. I'm freaking out a little and feeling far behind. Just wondering if you ladies have started or how far you've come along with them.
    Posted by Nightt[/QUOTE]

    im still trying to decide what i want with mine! i havent even ordered them yet. you should be fine though because most sites say they take about a month to get. im sending mine out 6 weeks before.
  • I put a deposit down and am working with my letterpress designer to figure out the design (which is mostly finalized) and the wording. This phase should probably take less than a week, and then he'll ship them. Then I plan to get them calligraphied (if I can find a good deal) and I'm not sure how long that will take. I am going to send them out April 1st for a June 1st wedding. I put my RSVP date as May 10th.
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  • Ahhh this just stressed me out, because our tasting isnt until March 5 for June 22 wedding, so we cant order invites until we choice dinner. And I havent even thought about wording...or design...or samples. OMG
  • Don't feel bad, I haven't ordered my invites yet, I did check out some samples though. I am thinking I am going to order mine next month and have the caligrapher do the envelopes next month too. That way I should have it all done by March and ready to mail out in April.
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  • We finished ours 2 weeks ago, they're sitting in a box waiting to be put out in the mail in mid-February.  Granite, a lot of my family is from out of state and they need to book their hotel room a month prior due to how the hotel handles blocked rooms, so we need to get them out a little sooner than most.  With that said, I personally wouldn't mail out invites later than 10-12 weeks prior just in case they get lost (that's what happened with the bachelorette party invites, thank god for facebook! We still don't know where they ended up).  It'll give you a cushion of time to reach any stragglers for RSVPs.

    In Response to Where are you with your invitations?:
    [QUOTE]I'm just curious where everyone is at. I'm freaking out a little and feeling far behind. Just wondering if you ladies have started or how far you've come along with them.
    Posted by Nightt[/QUOTE]
  • I'm just a bit OCD and worried about time so they are addressed, stuffed, sealed, stamped and just waiting to go in the mail
  • Wording is done now we just need to finalize the times but they are addressed and I have them lined btw we are DIYing them but we are just in the print and assemble process
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