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Hello.....Anyone there????

Hi, is anyone still reading any of these? I am from Riverton, I am getting married June 30th 2012, would love to hear for other brides. What kind of weddings are you having? What colors, flowers, how many people?? Just would like to have someone else to talk to...Hehehe and whine to :)
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Re: Hello.....Anyone there????

  • Hello!!!
    This board isnt very active, I usually only check it once a week or so because i know I most likely havent missed much :)
    Im getting married July 21 2012 at Jordanelle State park, with around 80 people Im expecting. Im from SLC, but currently I live in Denver with my fiance (actually right now Im in China for the next month, its not easy being out of the country for 2 months in the middle of wedding planning!!)
    Lets see, we are having shades of purple and dark red as our colors, Im trying to have a lace/vintage feel to the whole day, but my fiance is chinese, so we are also mixing in dragons and other chinese wedding things in with it. Its a unique concept, thats for sure!
    Where is your wedding being held at KJeffs?? Do you have most of your stuff already planned out/bought yet?
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  • Hello. I am from South Jordan! so we are farely close. I would love to get married at millenial falls but my fiance wont get married there :( do you have any suggestions? I feel like I have looked EVERYWHERE!! I  would love my colors to be hot pink and teal. what do you think honestly? I am planning to have it in June of 2013. good luck on your wedding. I am open to any suggestions
  • The colors sound cool- i dont think ive seen that combo before, which is nice! Did you check out red butte garden by the U?I loved that place, you can have the ceremony outside and the reception inside. Also Wheeler farm is a cool location I thought. Also, on redwood road around 6000 south, there is a place called Aspen Landing, which has a garden and an indoor reception area. What kind of location do you have in mind??
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  • thanks for the suggestions!  I will definitly look into those. the place i love is Millenial falls. there is an outdoor garden and huge waterfall you get married in front of and there is also a building for reception area. It is absolutely gorgeous and located in Draper. I am looking for a ceremony area where there is a staircase i can walk down outside for the wedding. Somewhere that can hold a lot of people flowing and not feel to cramped. and somewhere that everyone remembers and thinks is pretty.
  • I am getting married at The Castle in Layton. Its a little bit of a drive but I Love it!! It is beautiful, has the big staircase, the watterfall, gardens and everyone up there has been so nice. We are having 150 to 200 people...so I'm a little bit nuts :) Oue colors are apple red and latte, the guys are wearing black tuxs and my dress is ivory. I have been looking for some flowers and maybe feathers that look vintage and Red for my hair...thats been the hardest part, everything comes in white or cream.
    I think the hot pink and teal would be beautiful....why doesn't your fiance what to get marred there? What does he have in mind? There is a place on 10600 So. and just east of 1200 west it was pretty, but not quit what we wanted. You could look there, I just can't remember what it is called, Sorry :(
    @ carlenenicole I would love to go to China, is it as beautiful as it is in pictures? I hope you have a lot of fun.
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  • Yeah, this board is not very active.
    I actually go to the June 2012 brides message board all the time. Much more active!

    I live in New Mexico but I am getting married in Utah; FI is from Utah and I grew up in Wyoming. So most of our family is fairley close to Utah. We are getting married in Big Cottonwood Canyon at the Storm Mountain Amphitheater and then the reception will be at Spruces Campground... Our wedding is June 9th! Our colors are shades of purple. I am ready for it to be here already!
  • I live in Logan, but my wedding will not be in Utah.  First we had an idea for Almo, ID near City of Rocks (a popular climbing areas).  Then we had it actually planned and paid for in Jackson Hole figuring we should have it more accessible to an airport.  That was cancelled due to my father's terminal illness, and now we are planning a private weddingmoon in maybe Canada just the two of us to make it easier on my side of the family.  No one lives near us so it's kind of tricky.  I need to have mountains at my ceremony location. 
  • China is gorgeous and the food is amazing over here. Makes me not want to eat chinese food in America when I'm back :)
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  • I am so sorry about your dad. Do you have a date picked yet?
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  • I just found this board.  I am getting married on April 28 (27 days! Ahh!) in Provo at the Provo City Library in their beautiful ballroom. Our colors are bright green and bright yellow with a touch of black.  

    We are having an afternoon wedding (with the men in morning suits) and catering in lunch.  Then we're having a crazy after party in a hotel in Orem.

    I think it will be so fun, I cna't believe it's so close!
  • I am in Ogden Utah. My wedding is October 13th, 2012. We are still looking at Venues, and My next venue tour is at Heritage Gardens, and The Grand ballroom. Maybe they will impress me more then the last few. The only one I liked really was Tuscany Gardens, as the lady was pretty easy to work with, and with my closest family members being smokers, I like the whole idea they can smoke on the balcony and still be a part, then the whole 30 feet from any plant so pretty much just smoke only in your car rule that everyone else has.

     My colors are Black, white, silver and jewel tone purple. Brides maid dresses Will be simple black dresses they can wear again. Especially since my MOH is a Marine wife, and needs dresses to wear to formals.

    If we find a Venue, we are having an open bar, with Beers, wine, Simple classics and three signiture cocktails. Purple Matthews, Candied Hibiscud Champange, and Lynchburg lemonade. The wine at my wedding will be from Utah's own Hive winery.=D Seriously, If you Enjoy Wine or simple like Sangria's, go check them out. the wine tasting is FREE!

    If not, then for the park wedding we will have a simple soda bar with syrups and mixers. 

    My wedding flowers are Calla lilies, Brides maids bouqets and grooms mens boutineeirs will be eggplant colored liles, mine & my fiance's flowers will be white, and boutenieers for family and moms and what not will be liliac kissed calla llies, All real tough synthetics. Simple because care for the lilies will be a pain, plus the price for live in the fall is CRAZY high, since they are well out of season by then. (I found a way to get all the flowerrsd for below 200, saving me in the ball park of $800 over getting live.)

    I am making my own invitations, for the most part anyways. I may use Cards& pockets for my panel pocket, for simplicities sake. 

    Thank is about it.. I am working with a few chefs for a custom menue, Becuase mini Deli sandwhiches are not exactly something I am ga-ga over...
    Visit The Knot! Visit The Knot!
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  • @ headlytaylor, That sounds like a lot of fun and now it is even closer ( three days) WOO HOO Congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful day!!
    @ ginadog, I haven't ever been there either, but what pictures I have seen are beautiful. Are you thinking of a National Park or more like a wedding venue?
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_utah_helloanyone-there?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:109Discussion:b6a887c4-a95b-42e4-b249-edabd03473c1Post:51b64399-9b75-4b43-910b-e13f66ec26ec">Re: Hello.....Anyone there????</a>:
    [QUOTE]@ ginadog, I haven't ever been there either, but what pictures I have seen are beautiful. Are you thinking of a National Park or more like a wedding venue?
    Posted by KJeffs[/QUOTE]

    I went and got my heart all set on a lovely little lodge inside Yoho National Park (actually everything is inside Baff/Yoho/Jasper NP, even the towns!).  They have many elopements and offer a lovely elopement deal with the cake, flowers, champange, officiant, 3 course dinner, etc. if you stay at the lodge.  It seemed perfect!

    I did find quite a few elopement specials offered through various hotels in this area as well as full weddings.

    Here's where I had fell in love with - Emerald Lake Lodge

    <a href="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/images/store/13/1/3d2e3124-9192-447a-b144-3f14f56e062d.large.jpg" title="Click to view a larger photo" class="PhotoLink"> <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/images/store/13/1/3d2e3124-9192-447a-b144-3f14f56e062d.medium.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    <a href="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/images/store/6/10/56f59bac-2aa8-4efb-9a3c-e3221e1bc678.large.jpg" title="Click to view a larger photo" class="PhotoLink"> <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/images/store/6/10/56f59bac-2aa8-4efb-9a3c-e3221e1bc678.medium.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    I was already to book the package, the photographer I found, etc.  but then I freaked out thinking what if my dad dies that week!  Or if he dies a month prior - am I even going to be in the right state to enjoy my weddingmoon?  I just had a lot of anxiety about moving forward with August plans with such uncertainty about my dad's life.

    So back to the plan - which is just wait until the dust has settled, and then make some plans when I feel ready.  I hate that I don't know which month that will be so I cannot even pre plan. 
  • I'm so sorry about your dad, I know how hard it is to make plans for the rest of your life when everything is so unsettled.  If you ever need anything or someone to talk to I am a good listener.
    I went through two years of cancer with my husband before he died, so I kind of know what you are going through.
    The place you picked is amazing, I think it will be beautiful no matter what time of year you go.
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