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Plans for the week?

What are your plans for this week?  Can be wedding related or non-wedding related.

Re: Plans for the week?

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    WR:  I made all the album selections for my pro pictures, so I'm going to give those to my photographer so she can finish the album and I'm going to try to find a nice box to put the rest of them in.

    NWR: My sister is coming home from college for Thanksgiving and we're all going to celebrate with my family, yay! 

    Also, DH finally figured out something he wants for Christmas, except it's almost impossible to find.  He wants nice golf pants, but he's such an awkard size--too tall for normal sizes, but too skinny for big and tall sizes, ugh!  At least I have some time to hunt for them!
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    picking the menue for the wedding:)


    going to dc

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  • Torir911Torir911
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    NWR: Working Mon-Wednesday (hopefully we're let out early on Wednesday). Having Thanksgiving dinner with my Fi's family and having dessert with my family. Having second Thanksgiving on Friday.

    Gym... whenever :)

    WR: And if I get my engagement pictures this week like my photographer said I'll be starting my guest book!!

  • mainemommymainemommy
    edited December 2011
    WR- Im attempting to finish up my tissue paper pomanders & my card box. & Im going to try really hard to finish up the STDS. I've got lots of family coming to Thanksgiving who are going to want to see this crap done.

    NWR- Having the 1st Thanksgiving with both my family & my FIL'S. Should be fun. Snuggling my new nephew who was born yesterday. I love babies, & I love them even more when I can snuggle them until they cry & then I can pass them off to Mommy. =)
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    My plans are all NWR.  Heading to Maine tomorrow.  We'll be in BBH until Sunday, celebrating Thanksgiving, my 30th bday and my grandmother's 87th bday.  Then we'll spend 24 hours checking out Portlan before we fly home.  I'm so excited for a little vacation time!
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    NWR:  I'll be cleaning my house and trying to chip away at the insanely long list of things to do to get this place ready for the holidays...

    WR:  *hopefully* make a small dent in the Thank You cards I've been putting off... 
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    WR: trying to format my STDs so they will print out on my business card size magnets >_< I'm so not talented with a computer.

    NWR: putting the trim up in my living room *finally* so that I can get my xmas decorations up on saturday or sunday.
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    NWR Baking, baking and oh yea when Im done I can bake some more.  lol  I have 9 people coming here for Thanksgiving.  Also rearranging my living room to get ready for the Tree. 
    But best of all Black Friday Shopping  YEA I can't waitSmile

    WR Trying to finish the RSVPs so I can send them off to the printer.  I still have plenty of time but with Christmas coming WR things are mostly on hold.
  • krisdoug13krisdoug13
    edited December 2011
    I have classes today until 5p.m., so headed back to my apartment afterwards, get in a little studying, do some laundry, and pack.  I'll be heading home to northern maine (aroostook county) tomorrow first thing in the morning.   I have a lunch time meeting, then my fiancee and I are going to check out a possible reception location!!! :)  Then on Thanksgiving we will be having lunch with my family and dinner with his...it'll be nice when we're married and have our own place and we can do thanksgiving at our place and have both our families together (the combo won't come for a few years due to my school schedule)! 

    Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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    WR: Hopefully getting these STDs ready to mail out! Must. do. it. And probably booking a hotel block and booking the honeymoon.

    NWR: Thanksgiving festivities, seeing an old friend, probably avoiding the stores since I don't want to deal with Black Friday crowds, and getting the Christmas tree on Sunday. I know, it's early, but it's FI's family tradition to cut down the trees the weekend after Thanksgiving. I just hope it lives until Dec. 25!
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