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food truck wedding?

I am wondering if anyone in San Francisco has used food trucks to cater their wedding reception.  We love the idea, but are less sure about the reality:  does anyone have any expereince with this?  

Re: food truck wedding?

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    My cousin owns a food truck (the Wow Truck in San Jose) and he said that he catered a wedding a few weeks ago.  It was a smaller one, with a smaller venue.  I think they had the wedding at Big Dog Vineyards near Milpitas?  I assume it would work well at any community center with a big parking lot. 

    From my understanding, the couple had 3 trucks come out and everyone could get as much food as they wanted... And they just paid out the trucks at the end of the night.
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    Thanks so much - this is helpful.  I think that we need to hire a caterer who can then contract with a foodtruck.  And I am def going to check out your cousin's truck! :) 
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    Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme is both a wedding caterer and runs several foodtrucks (of different styles of food), so could provide you with both services in one vendor. Might be easier then subcontracting. 

    (This is provided as information intended to be helpful in direct response to nerdkin's posting, so admins please do not think of this as a vendor posting - I am not associated with the company mentioned above, and this is not intended as a commercial posting)

    Video about one of their trucks:
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    Thanks for this suggestion!  
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    I'm just starting to wedding plan and thought about this as a potential idea as well. Did you end up having a "food truck wedding"? If so, where did you do it and do you have any advice for someone planning one in the Bay Area?
  • hi there, lvlylrn

    we still haven't figured out the food truck thing.  i think it depends on where you are having it and how many guests you are expecting, as well as the time of year.  if you are having a small wedding at a venue where a truck can pull up pretty close to the seating, then it shouldn't be hard at all.  most of the food trucks can be contacted directly and do catering.  if you have a bigger group (like we do - 150 guests), then the issue is how do you NOT end up with 150 people standing in line for their food?  we thought about having more than one truck, but then you need a place for the trucks to pull up so that guests aren't walking back to their seating carrying plates of food.  

    the other issue is that if you have trucks cater the wedding, you need to hire someone to do all of the things that caterers usually do:  set up tables, break down tables, rent linens, take out the trash, etc, etc.  so, again, it depends on your venue.  
    someone i know had their wedding at the log cabin in the presidio and it seemed that the venue lent itself well to food trucks.  but, it also depends on the time of year and how much you want to risk re weather.  

    anyway, let me know what you figure out - we still really want to make this happen, and can use any and all ideas that people have!
  • I'm also planning on having a food truck at our reception (at Ft. Mason, about 120 people) and echo all the advice above. Because the venue sets up tables, chairs and linens, we're just worried about bars, clearing tables, and packing up at the end of the night - so we're planning to hire some party staff people to help out. Based on the preliminary pricing I've seen, it should still be cheaper than a standard caterer (although I'm sure you could make one more or less expensive depending on what food you select :) ). We're in the midst of picking our truck, so are trying a bunch in the Bay Area over the next several weeks. In case it's helpful, you can check out our blog Good-luck with the planning!!! 
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