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I've been searching for a DJ a while now & Im disappointed in all the high prices! Does anyone know of any local affordable DJs that are any good? The music is the most important thing for our reception & Im about to book with someone that is really spendy if I dont find someone soon...help!

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    I ask, why have a DJ? Since I have such a small budget, I opted for an Ipod instead.  That way you have more control (no worries about a "do-not-play" list) and it's free, or the only fee you may have to pay is to rent A/V equipment.
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    I LOVE our DJ!!!  I am definitely not sacrificing on that part of the reception because he does a great job of keeping the party going and on track without being overbearing (he was my FBIL's DJ).  Anyway, what is expensive to you?  I think he costs $600-$800 or something, which I think is worth it.  If you are interested I will try to find his contact info.  Let me know!  =)
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    I dont want to pay more than 650. Yeah go ahead and give me his contact info, that would be great! I cant tell you how many DJs I have emailed, lol...Im ready to book someone!

    I dont think I want to do the Ipod thing, although I've heard positive feedback about it. I just really want to have someone control the flow of the reception and have some lighting for the dance floor. Thank you=)
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    If possible, i would also like the contact info!

    DJ has been an overwhelming decision for us too! They have such an impact on the energy at the reception!
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