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wishing well ideas please?

I'm planning a shower for March (I'm MOH) and we want to do a wishing well. Does anyone have any ideas of what to put in it other than the usual kitchen utensils, etc. The couple already live together and has that kind of stuff already. TIA!
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Re: wishing well ideas please?

  • edited December 2011
    Sorry, I'm not a fan of wishing wells.  Just one more thing to buy on top of the shower gift and wedding present.  Since these people have already been living together and apparently have kitchen utensils, why bother?

    If you want to do something extra, you could send each guest a card with their invitation.  Have them write a favorite recipe on it, bring it to the reception and then they can all be assebled in a book for the bride.
  •      I really like the idea of a wishing well. I am the MOH of my friends wedding in September and made a wishing well that I have used once last year and will use twice this year. 

        We were new to the idea of a wishing well when with the first wedding and just had family and friends put wishes for the bride and groom in the well. It was fun for them to read. This time I am going to do either a themed well with either kitchen stuff or first aid. People seem to forget about bandaids and other needs like that until they need one.

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