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Anyone been to Aruba?

Has anyone been to Aruba? Is it as amazing as people say? Or, are there other places that are better worth the trip? I would love to hear some honest opinions! Thanks in advance.

Re: Anyone been to Aruba?

  • I haven't been to Aruba, but I know people that have. People that have been said its beautiful. I personally love : St. Croix, Bermuda can be pricey, and Barbados. I've been to almost all the small islands in the eastern and southern Caribbean along with Bermuda and those are my personal favorites. They're clean, I felt very comfortable safe and were beautiful. Good luck!
  • I just got back from my honeymoon in Aruba and loved it!  Felt very safe, was very relaxing and the food there is amazing!  The weather is so consistent-90 degrees and mostly sunny all the time, little rain, and a nice breeze to keep you from overheating.  If you decide to go and need suggestions, let me know.  The one complaint, the misquitoes were bad at night and for some reason we waited until 2 days before we left to buy bug spray-then we were fine.  It is the rainy season right now so other times of year it is not an issue at all.  the outdoor restuarants have bug spray usually though.
  • I have been to Aruba on vacation and it is AMAZING! One of the best places I've ever gone to. I would suggest staying at a resort inland if you are trying to save money and rent a jeep to get around as some locations on the island are not able to get to by taxi, especially the Natural Pool. If you can spend the extra money, stay on the strip along the beach. It is definitely the best place to stay it is the hottest scene - everyone is there at night. Also if you do some price hunting for flights you can sometimes snatch up a really great deal. Exactly three months to the day before going, I found a roundtrip flight from Boston to Aruba (connecting in Houston) for $350 round trip. Keep in mind meals are expensive there because they have to import everything except fish pretty much. Their haddock is to die for. I wish I could have it everyday!
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