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First dance song recommendations?

So...one month until the wedding and we don't have a first dance song.  We started talking about it last night, and FI doesn't have any firm song suggestions.  He DOES, however, want something slow, sappy, and romantic.  Something along the lines of Butterfly Kisses, but for us.

Our biggest problem, I think, is that the songs that we both sing along to that speak to us really aren't appropriate first dance songs (e.g. Little Smirk by Theory of a Deadman, or pretty much anything by Shinedown.  Yeah.).  We tried really hard to come up with ideas last night, and I've been searching song lists today, but we haven't found anything so far.

Does anyone have any recommendations?  It doesn't HAVE to be super slow (mid-paced and a little "bouncy" could be fine), we just really need some ideas to start with - songs, artists, or even search suggestions.
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Re: First dance song recommendations?

  • I love Frank Sinatra, so Fi is letting me play  his songs at our wedding. Mi and I are doing "They way you look tonight" by him.
    He does have another one called"Sway" that I really like too and is a bit more bouncy.
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  • daria24daria24 member
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    Some of the sappier songs we considered were "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel and "Such Great Heights", if you want bouncy, the Postal Service, slower, Iron & Wine. 

    I'm trying to think of what other songs were on our list...my FI only seems to have sad love longs!
  • So I really have no idea what our first dance is. FI picked the song and it is a surprise to me... However, we are using the following sons in our ceremony.

    Jason Mraz I'm Yours
    Jack Johnson- Better Together
    Adam Sandler-Wanna Grow Old with you

    Maybe those will help.
  • daria24daria24 member
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    This is the most complete list I found, even though most of their suggestions kinda blow.

  • We had a hard time picking too but FI can't really dance so we had to pick a song that we could just walk around in a cirlce to. We chose "must be doing something right" by Billy Currington. Country song, my guys is southern. 
  • We are using  Daughtry's  What About Now.
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  • Our first dance song is "All or Nothing" by Theory Of A Deadman.
  • Sorry PB I'm not much help, we specifically didn't want mushy so went with Dropkick Murphys.
  • ncd5015ncd5015 member
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    We're doing a song by James Morrison. He has some other songs that might work

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  • We were originally going to go with Halo by Beyonce because the lyrics are us to a T.

    However, we decided to change it as not many people seem to like it so we chose Free by Zac Brown Band (and FI doesn't really care for country). We also have Staind playing for our recessional out of the church.
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  • Michael Buble has some great songs.  "Everything" has sweet lyrics and is a little more upbeat.  We're doing "You and I" by him, which is super slow.  
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  • Like some PPs said, I was going to suggest iron and wine or the postal service (a little bit more "bouncy")

    Joshua Radin songs are always nice and sappy :) that's what we are dancing to. Jason Mraz? Michael Buble?
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  • You could check  to see if any of the songs you & FI like that maybe don't have the tempo you like/need have been covered by someone else. Often a song will get a different feel when it's done by a different artist.

  • We're dancing to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band.  It's "our" song, and while the lyrics are somewhat sappy, it's still kind of a bouncy, upbeat song.
  • "All In" by Lifehouse. It is a little faster, but you can dance very slow to it also if you can't dance faster it would work.
  • So sorry, not All In I wrote the wrong song title... it is "By Your Side" by Lifehouse...
  • your taste in music sounds the same as fi's and mine.  so what we picked is "can't help falling in love", but it's a cover by ub40, i believe.  so it kinda has a beach party vibe to it.  i think it's fun.
  • doeie04doeie04 member
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    These are the ones we had looked into and kinda liked:

    History In The Making by Darius Rucker.
    Hold My Hand by Hootie And The Blowfish.
    Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Stray Cats.
    When You Love A Woman by Journey.
    What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do by Jeff Bridges.
    Everything But Love by Jeff Bridges.
    More Than Love by Los Lonely Boys.
    Thing Called Love by The Darkness. ;)
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  • we're dancing to "you for me" by johnny gil
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