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Alteration recommendations?

I've heard all sorts of nightmarish stories about alterations gone wrong. I bought my gown at Davids, but they have HORRIFIC reviews on their alterations.
I will be needing it hemmed, bustled and the boning in the bust fixed a little as it is too big. I'm really nervous about where I take it, and haven't been able to find a place that I can guarantee is experienced and still within a reasonable budget.
Can any of you give me recommendations for where to take it? If you can tell me about how much it cost you, that would be really helpful too.
Thanks so much!!!!

Re: Alteration recommendations?

  • lulu4150lulu4150 member
    edited June 2012
    If your near MA or don't mind driving I would recommend Joanne LaBrie.  I haven't personally used her but I know someone who has.  She did her gown several years ago, has done several other types of alterations for her, and is designing her daughter's prom dress for next year.  Since its just her there is no overhead so my friend told me she's less expensive than if you took it to a bridal store. 

    I also bought my dress at Davids and heard horrible things.  Plus looking at where their prices start for certain alterations I think it could get pricey.  I'm using this women for my alterations.  Her info is

    73 Middle Road
    Southampton, MA
    (413) 527-9501
  • Thanks lulu!! It is a bit of a drive for me (i live in southern CT) but it may work out as my FMIL lives right around that area of MA. I'll definitely check it out. Laughing
  • good luck!
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