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Alternatives to a program? Other ways to be an AW?

This is probably a silly question, and I think I may have too much time on my hands!


I've seen some really pretty photos lately of programs or some other pretty paperery information stuffs at people's seats and at tables.  Now, I'm having a mildly casual backyard wedding, there won't be much in the way of fanfare as far as a ceremony goes - but I'm kind of an AW and wouldn't mind doing some kind of timeline of events, or maybe a cute story, or possibly a ... shoot ... what's that called where you ask for advice?  That sort of thing.  Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on ways I can personalize the event a little more along these lines...

Basically, I'm looking for another way to spend money on something people probably don't need.  LOL. 

Re: Alternatives to a program? Other ways to be an AW?

  • Lisa50Lisa50
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    So sorry, I can't help you out on this one.  We're not creating a program nor any alternatives.  Good luck!
  • morrisonFTWmorrisonFTW
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    Thanks anyhow, Lisa50!

    The more I think about this, the more I think I might just do some decorative placesettings... like a silver charger or a really textural paper placemat at each seat.  The upclose photos of really pretty place settings with candlelight off of the glasses and a blurry image of the background have me all googly eyed for something a little extra at the tables.  I'm typically pretty minimalist when it comes to decorations, and I'm not doing floral centerpieces or anything like that (just candles in a vase), but I think I might just need a little something more.

    It hit me like a ton of bricks last night that these photos (theoretically) will be forever.  I'd like to have them be stunning.
  • Avion22Avion22
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    Does AW stand for Attention Whore?  If so, I'm probalby the wrong person to ask.

    If you want some kind of program, you can hand it out before the ceremony, or put one on each ceremony chair, that way it won't interfere with your place setting.  Or if you think it makes more sense to put it at the place settings, you can have your photog take a picture before you set those out.

    There are really cute progarms that are printed onto fans that I find adorable for outdoor weddings.  Wish I had a picture, but I bet someone else does.
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    I think it would be a nice touch to have, at each place setting, an oversized tag, either white or cardboard or one of your wedding colors, with ribbon or lace strung through the hole at the top of the tag. I would get a stamp in a cool font that says "Wishes". Stamp that on each tag, leave pens at the table for your guests and let them write a well-wish on it for you. I think it would be a casual way to add what you are looking for.
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  • morrisonFTWmorrisonFTW
    edited December 2011
    ooohhh... mattsdorothy - you just gave me an AWESOME idea - I am going to do it!  Put the wish cards (def. oversized tags, because that's darling!) at the tables, and then ask folks to tie the ribbon into the apple tree off to the side of the yard - how pretty would that be?!  The tree will have twinkly lights strung through it - and then the cards will dangle in the breeze.  OOOhhhhh that's cute!
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    In terms of the program:  I have been to 2 weddings that did the program in a different way and I loved both.  FI's cousin had an outdoor wedding and right before the seats they had a large chalkboard set up with their program on it in their colour chalks.
    The other one was in a hotel ballroom and did the same thing, but it was like a large poster on an easel, more formal but still neat.
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