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September 2012 Weddings


Alright, so now that the weddings are done, time to start tracking the next exciting things in our lives :)

Who has a nugget on the way?
Anyone buying a house? Building? When is your expected closing date?
What other big news do you have to share?

DH and I are still working through the adoption process, for age 0-2. We're also starting the house hunt recently (although I learned we're UBER picky lol)


  • H and I just moved to Maryland (not in the DC area even though that's what my profile says now for some reason) and we're renting a house that's fairly large, so all of our time now is being spent buying things for it and decorating. Surprisingly, H is getting asked the kids question way more than I am lol. We're hoping to start TTC in about a year, maybe even 2 depending on where we're at at that point.

    Britt, good luck with the adoption process and the house hunting!
  • We bought a house 5 weeks before the wedding.  It was a foreclosure and upon returning from our HM, we had our bathroom tiles start falling (we knew they needed to be redone, just not so soon).  We have had to shower at my parents house the last few weeks and will be starting a remodel of one of the bathrooms soon so we can shower in our own house!  I'm trying to get the house in order with cleaning and wedding presents and such.  We never even finished unpacking before the wedding.  I'm also really focused on my grad school application.  DH is still working on applicaitons to become a police officer.  We are probably 2 years from TTC because I'd really love to have 1 year of my grad program (if I get in, it starts in fall 2013) done before trying to add a baby to the mix.  Idk if FILs will like that and apparently at the wedding ALL of DH's family was asking when the babies were coming (I didn't hear one person say it so I was surprised) but they will just have to respect putting my career first for just a little longer considering I'm only 25.  We have already agreed though we don't plan on telling anyone we are even trying until we are pregnant to keep the pressure off (though the questions I'm sure will still be rampant).
  • We are on the hunt for a house at the moment, it's a very stressful process; were a tad bit picky and want to chose the right house. We have spoke about TTC next December, but I have a feeling it may happen sooner then later.. DH would like to have kids right away... I would at least like to have the house purchased before TTC. My Mother wants Grandbabies so bad... DH and I live about 4 hours away from Family; I'm not too sure how I feel about being away from family while having a child.. pros and cons in both cases. It's a thrilling time!

    Congrats to all with the new / finding houses! Adoption is a wonderful thing, goodluck with your journey!
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  • Good luck with the adoption process Britt and keep us updated! No Halloween plans for us either. =(

    We're just kind of taking it easy now. No kids for us so that's off the list (though my mom's not too thrilled) DH got a promotion his first day back to work after the HM so he's been concentrating on that. It keeps us here for a few more years (we don't want to buy a house in the area) so we'll look at buying a house in about 3-4 years.

    I've been trying to get everything at the house organized. Also tried cooking more. So far so good... lol! trying to organize the pictures that I want up, in books, etc. Also excited to work on photo Christmas cards =) heehee

    So we're just kind of chilling now. We "lost" a lot of our usual life events (big birthdays, camping trips, weekends away, dinners out, etc) for over a year for the wedding. Now we just want to enjoy being married. =)
  • We pulled the goalie at the end of September and are actively TTC- I'm 39, he's 42, so no time to dilly-dally. He's owned this house since the late 90s, this last spring we renovated the kitchen and right now we're re-doing a couple of bedrooms w/ new paint, light fixtures, rugs, etc. Downstairs bath might be next. The house is from the 1920s, so there are always projects. I'm looking for a new non-night-shift job, which will probably mean less money (night shift differential plus I'm a charge nurse) but we can live w/ that. He's busy for work and doing some traveling this fall. and early next year. We're planning some long weekends out of town for the winter, too.
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  • No babies for us.  At least, not unless it's an accident which is entirely possible considering I ran out of BC right after the honeymoon and have yet to find a new gyno (now that I finally have health insurance) so I can get a new perscription.

    We bought a house 2 1/2 years ago, but it's a constant process trying to update and organize it.  We don't even have curtains yet.  I would like curtains.

    The next big thing is me getting a new job.  I have a seasonal job that I've had for the past 6 years, but I quit my year round job that I had in the spring, so I need another job over the winter.  Ideally it'll be something full time so we actually have money for things like curtains.

    And my car died at the beginning of September.  So as soon as I find a new job, DH and I need to buy a car.  My parents have graciously allowed us to borrow their extra car until we can buy one, but since it's a tiny convertible, we need to get a new one ASAP before the snow flies.

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  • We are tentatively planning to start TTC this summer but we'll see how we feel as we get closer to that time. We'll also be looking to buy a second car around that time as well. 

    We won't be buying a house for at least another 9 years since we'll move every 2-3 years thanks to DH's job in the Air Force. I'm kinda okay with that though we both have moments where we wish we could plan to be more stable. Having our own home would be so nice but it'll have to wait! We've mostly been working on figuring out our finances, my name change, and having to deal with all the military related stuff. I also am planning my next steps with my job and (I hope) trying to get a promotion that will be more flexible as we move from place to place so I can keep working.

    I've been sick since we got home from the honeymoon and am just finally starting to get better after over a month! So I've been dealing with that and am starting the process to figure out what the deal is with my sinuses (3-4 sinus infections every year, not fun). I think we're just adjusting to not having to deal with wedding planning anymore although we do still need to finish our thank you cards... 
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  • Our baby schedule is 3-5 years but I'm not sure if I can wait that long but I will if we aren't both ready because that's just asking for trouble.  We bought a house a couple years ago so we are good there just putting up new things on the walls that we rec'd as presents.  I want to paint the bathroom downstairs and the spare bedroom upstairs.  We are almost done putting the new roof on the house, I love it.  We started training 2 of the dogs on the underground fence yesterday.  He had already started on Bailee before I got home from work so I was going to attempt Sage and I just lost my cool way too fast.  I didn't take my 20 minutes after work to decompress and so I said I give up and handed him the leash.  Bailee is the white and black dog, she is a setter and coonhound mix.  Sage is a coonhound all the way but she is a mix between a walker and an English, she was a product of one of the oops litters we had.  We can thank our neighbor for putting our male in with our females when there was an empty kennel. 

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  • Thanks ladies for all the support :) I love that we're all on totally different paths of our lives, and yet all support each other so well!
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    We are waiting for all that!! We are basically just enjoying each other!! Good Luck Britt!! Laughing
  • We're starting TTC, but no rush - we're just not really preventing pregnancy, so we'll see how it goes!  We moved in October, and will move again in April 2013, and then again in November, and then again in December or January 2014, and then back to the November 2012 location in March or April 2014 - I definitely got launched into this life as a military wife! 

    I am so ridiculously in love with my husband.  Being married has to be the best thing on earth, and I hope to be this much in love on our 20th, 30th, and 40th anniversary!  I'm looking forward to hosting my in-laws and parents for Thanksgiving, and then spending a quiet Christmas with my amazing husband and puppy.



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