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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 6/29


Re: QOTD 6/29

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    [QUOTE]I don't mean to take this a direction it doesn't need to go, but I'm curious. How many of you are having a church wedding? Did you get asked that question? If so how did you answer?
    Posted by marelin87[/QUOTE]

    We are getting married in a church by the Pastor of the church I belong to.  (Different churches). 
  • Also getting married in the Catholic church. We actually just finished our pre-cana aka pre-marriage counseling. I thought it would be seriously awkward especially since FI has known the priest for years and he's a family friend, but it wasn't bad at all. I think it's probably pretty rare these days for people to "save themselves", and he knew we are living together. The focus was much more on acknowledging that there will be changes once we're married and warning against the "marriage is just a piece of paper" mentality.
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  • A little less than a week. I'll vote first date because that's closer than 1-2 months. I wanted to wait at least two weeks, but then we were fooling around on my bed, and I couldn't take it, so I grabbed a condom, threw it at him and started saying "F*ck you! F*ck you, I wanted to wait longer but I can't! F*ck you!" hahaha He was confused at first but then thought 'Hey, she wants to have sex I'm cool with that'.
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