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Newbie to KC knot/ Pre-Nup *Sorry its LONG!

Hi ladies! I am new to the KC knotties, and thought I would introduce myself a bit before I ask away:
 Screen Name: jwdds2013
Age: 30
Significant Other's Age: 48
What You Do: Dental Asst/ Student (applying for dental school in June!)
What SO Does: Pilot
State of Relationship: FABULOUS (near engagement*)
How Long You've Been Together: 3.5 years
How You Met: Online! 
Wedding Date (if you're engaged/married): Not engaged yet, but I know it wont be long!!!
Real Babies: 0
Fur Babies: 0
Loves: Running, traveling when we are able to!
Hates: Grueling schedules that keep me away from everyone!
Pet Peeves: People that are late, rude or inconsiderate of others
Hobbies/Activities: RUNNING! (I will never say studying is a "hobby" its forced!)
Favorite Thing About Your SO: patience and genuine compassion towards others. 
Least Favorite Thing About Your SO: How he allows some people to take advantage of him! I have a difficult time when I see this happening!
Describe Your Personality: Strong and passionate
Snark Level (1 [low snark] - 10 [high snark]): Ok, I have no idea what this is!
I've Been On TK Since: March
How You Came to Be On TK: Remembered a friend used it through her planning.... so here I am!
How I like my potatoes: baked.
Favorite book/author: Anything that is not a textbook!
Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I have been in the military for 13 years, but definitely a girlie! I am strong, independent, but am blessed to have my best friend as my partner in life to balance me!

So now that you have an idea of who I am, let me explain a few tidbits first: About the ring and no engagement yet. We went the untraditional route and he wanted me to pick out my top picks for him so there wouldnt be a chance of me not liking the ring. I picked out my favorites and left it up to him. I have a feeling he has the ring in his possession, but is waiting for the right time to propose based off of some clues (Im pretty good at observing) We both wanted to make sure the actual proposal was still a surprise, so I am anxiously waiting, patiently, of course!!!! 
Secondly, I have a question about pre-nups. We have spoke about this and netither of us have an issue with having this done. He has assets at this point that he wants to ensure dont get caught up if (God forbid, of course) a divorce were ever to occur. This will be both of our's second marriages. I do not have the level of assets he does at this point but down the road will definitely want to ensure that my practice doesnt get brought into it. 
So my question is to you ladies: have you had a pre-nup completed? Do you know time-wise how long it takes to complete? Once he has it drawn up on his end, should I take it to my personal lawyer to have it reviewed or would be going to the same lawyer be ok? * Here is the thing, I don't have a inkling of doubt that he is trying or would ever try to sneak one over on me. We have talked through all the points we want to pre-nup to say and are ok with it. I just dont know where to go with this.
Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated! And any great referrals for an attorney would be helpful too!!
Thanks ladies!

Re: Newbie to KC knot/ Pre-Nup *Sorry its LONG!

  • Your best bet for pre-nup questions is to speak to your own attorney rather than your fiance's. But I will say that it's always good to have your own attorney look at legal documents that were drawn up by an attorney who does not represent you. 
  • In the case of a pre-nup, both of you should have your own attorney.  Legally one attorney cannot represent two individual clients about the same issue, it's a conflict of interest.  It doesn't matter which attorney draws up the initial pre-nup.  The other attorney can add modifications if necessary.  You both can probably speak to the first attorney to make sure all points are put in as you want them, but then it needs to be taken to the second attorney to make sure your interests are included. 

  • Welcome!  And thanks for the intro.  it's always fun to learn more and we all hope to see the ring soon!

    I agree with the other ladies, it's best to use your own.  I don't think it should take long to draw up but depending on what is settled on, will possible prolong the process. 
  • Thank you so much for the thoughts on this ladies! I really appreciate it! 
  • Welcome!  We did not have a prenup, but I agree with PP's that you should use your own attorney's and consult them about particulars!  I would get it out of the way early so it doens't become part of the actual wedding and is just another legal document!
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