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Wording for seating: XP on Ceremony Ideas board

FI and I don't want the "groom's side" "bride's side" seating at the church (it's pretty lopsided).  Any cute signs to say "sit wherever"?

I've already seen the "Two families are becoming one: no need to select a side, just select a seat" line.  Looking for any other wordings.  Thanks!

Re: Wording for seating: XP on Ceremony Ideas board

  • All the ones I'm finding sound like they go more for the reception:

    Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we're all family, so no seating plan.

    The second pic could be cute, and it gets the point across.

  • Are you having ushers? We ran into this same concern since there's literally 6 people total coming from FI's side. His mom was concerned that everyone from my side would gravitate to one side of the ceremony seating. I fretted about this because I realised it was a genuine possibility. I did some research, and found out that a lot of people don't follow that tradition anymore, but I still looked for a little sign to post to make it clear to the guests. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything I liked and I'm not creative enough to come up with my own, so we just decided to have FI's 2 GM standing at the entrance guiding people to whichever side is more empty. They won't actually bring guests to their seats, so guests can still technically sit wherever they please, but they'll "suggest" a side with their body language and welcome guests at the same time.
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  • Ours is lopsided too so we are just having ushers sit people where there is an open space. Personally I don't like the whole side thing.
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  • Thanks ladies.  I wasn't aware that people don't really choose "bride" or "groom" sides anymore.  Good to know because we don't have ushers.

  • We're using the one you mentioned.  I've also seen signs saying bride's side (with arrows to both sides), groom's side (more arrows to both).  Plus something like wedding ceremonies are about love so no sides. 
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