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Texas-San Antonio

Looking for a place for my parent's 25th Anniversary

Hello Ladies!!!

Here's to hoping some of ya'll could help me out.
My sister & I are looking for a place/venue for my parent's 25th anniversary this year. The guest list is about 100 guests or less. My sis and I are secretly planning a celebration for them in september of this year! They didn't have a large wedding celebration, so we'd like to make it really special.

While planning my own wedding, I did learn of alot about the venues in SA. However, I quickly discovered very few allowed you to bring your own food,etc. 

My sister and I are looking for a spacious place that allows you to bring your own food/caterer, and won't need to much decorating. Ie, is really beautiful on its own. We're willing to schedule the celebration on a sun/friday to keep costs down.
I feel catering and guest list are the primary way to keep the costs down. 

Besides The Woodward House does anyone know of venues in SA,Tx or close to SA,TX that allow this? Do you feel venues would charge less knowing it's for an anniversary? Thank you ladies in advance and sorry to bother

P.S. I'd like to add, if there are any nice restaurants that rent out their space for large guest numbers please let me know as well. Seeing as too that might save on costs as well. I keep mentioning costs because my Sister & I will be covering the bill on our own.

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Re: Looking for a place for my parent's 25th Anniversary

  • geminagigeminagi member
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    Have you looked at Garden Heights Wedding Chapel and Country Cottage. It accomdates up to 150. They allow you to bring outside caterers.
    Stephanie & Jason are great to work with.

    If you need even more room to spread out there is also Gardens of Cranesbury View. I believe they can accomodate between 175 & 200. And if I am not mistaken also allow outside food and beverage.
    Speak with Amy

    Let us know who you pick!
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    Also, a good place to look is a convention center, or civic center. They generally have smaller rooms you can rent (besides the massive halls) and generally allow you to bring in your own food. 
  • hgsmothhgsmoth member
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    Please check your private messages... I just sent you some really important information regarding a private estate venue in San Antonio.  
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