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Need some feedback on a proposal idea

Hello everybody.  I am new to this site and I need some feedback on an idea I have to propose to my girlfriend.  She is crazy about Christmas and has been bugging me about getting a Christmas tree for my house.  So I was planning on getting a tree and decorating it in only lights and have her ring wrapped hanging as the only ornament on the tree all throughout the season.  Then, on Christmas Eve I'll build a fire in the fireplace and let her open her gift and propose.  What do you all think?

Re: Need some feedback on a proposal idea

  • I think she's going to be awfully suspicious that there's only one ornament on that tree!
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  • You know her better than any of us, so if you think that's something that she would appreciate then go for it. Personally I would think it was really odd that my e-ring had been hanging on the tree throughout the whole season but that's just me.
  • I would put it on the tree the night before. I think she would know what is up if there is only one item hanging from the tree. You could maybe even do something like buy some cheap ornaments (you can get a box from the dollar store for a couple dollars.) Get the ones that are bigger that have a pretty large hole in the top. It is usually pretty easy to slip off the metal holders for the balls and you could put the ring inside one of the balls and hang it. Then you could make her think that you didnt get her anything for christmas (you couldnt afford it, something came up, etc.) then christmas morning somehow get her to take the balls off the tree and ask her to shake them until she finds something. Just a thought.
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  • I agree that i'd put it up the night before. What if you took pictures of you both and put them hanging all over as your ornaments? Or one each day??? so then at the end ur left with a bunch of photos and memories building up to the proposal?!?If you put that ring there by itself it'll drive her NUTS until x-mas. Guys dont realize how anxious we get for the moment! especially if we think it's happening soon! I like the photo ornaments building up to the proposal. I'd think that was the sweetest thing EVER!
  • I just want to say that I'm so glad that you came on the site for proposal ideas. Our Knotties are really creative. I love having grooms here! Good luck to you!
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  • Don't stress about the details too much.  It sounds heartfelt and sweet and that's what matters.

    My fiance proposed to me without a ring while I was hacking and sniffling in bed in my mismatched pajamas with cats crawling on me.  It was still a wonderful moment.
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  • I agree, don't put too terribly much thought into it.  I would think it was awfully weird that you only had one ornament on the tree.
  • this is a great idea vance. Props to you for coming on here and taking to much time to think of a perfect proposal.

    I would put the ring up the night before, like the others mentioned.
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    I think that is soo sweet and cute! I agree with some of the other girls though, she might think something is up if there is only one "ornament" hanging on the tree. I think put the lights on and the night before put the box on there. Then she might not catch on as easily! I think thats a great start and a great idea! I love Christmas too! i would love that! Maybe you could do something with lights on the tree the night before like Will you Marry me? or something like that i don't know if that is possible.. just an idea! Good Luck, let us know how it goes!
  • You could decorate your tree with cheap stuff prio to christmas(dollar tree decorations).  Then make some extra ornaments with letters on them (Will you marry me) On Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning when shes still sleeping or sometime when she wont be around arrange the will you marry me ornaments on the tree with the ring.  She will wake up, find the tree with the message and ring and then you propose.  Anyway you do it good luck! and happy proposing!

  • I like all of your ideas. Especially the one about spelling out the proposal in letter ornaments.  She has 3 kids and I think it would be fun to have them help me make the letters and put them on the tree.  I'll have to swear them to secrecy and it'l be fun to see if they can keep it from her.  Then we'll be able to decorate the tree every year with the ornaments and when people ask what all the random letters are for we'll have a fun story.  What do you all think of that idea?
  • I think that is a good idea, depending on how old the kids are. Older kids will be able probably to keep the secret, but younger ones may not, so it could be risky having the kids on it. But I think a really cute idea and fun for sure. So if you have the kids help then maybe having them do it a day before you propose then they don't have  alot of time they have to hold it in.
    Good luck and have fun with it!
  • I love the idea of having her kids help make the ornaments and then having them for years to come.  Though I agree with PP, if they are young, tell them its a surprise for Mom, but maybe not WHAT the surprise is... Then all she will get out of them is that you have something cooked up for Christmas, and the proposal will still be a surprise.
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  • That sounds like a beautiful idea. I agree with putting it on the day before instead of leaving it on all season.  If it is the only ornament on the tree, she will sneak a peak.  I don't know a single girl who could resist looking for a whole month.

  • What if you hung the lights and then asked her to decorate the rest of the tree with you? She would probably feel special helping you decorate the tree. I like the idea that someone else said about putting the ring inside the ornament. You can buy clear ornaments and mix those in with colored ones. If you put the ring inside a clear ornament then she will be able to see it as she is hanging it up. You can get clear ornaments at a craft store. Otherwise, your idea is a good one :-)...just don't hang one present on the tree for an extended period of time. 
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    i think it is a great idea!  i also love christmas, but I have to agree that I would be extremely suspicious of the single ornament on the tree, and would probalby figure it out by the time christmas rolled around.  not to mention the fact that for most christmas fans one of the best parts is decorating the tree.  I think that putting it on the tree the night before is a good plan.  you could even sneak all the other ornaments off the tree while she is sleeping, so when she wakes up the only ornament then is the ring.  that way you would avoid her being suspicious all season, but still get the effect of the ring being the only ornament!  Remmeber, you know her best, so you know what she will love.  Just make it special and she will love it:)  Good Luck!!!
  • scavenger hunt on christmas day!! Hide a little folded note in the tree xmas morning (maybe on wrapping paper?) for her to "find". Then lead her all around the house with cute clues. "I think i hear the faucet in the bathroom dripping.. can you go check?" then the clue is there, etc (we all know how a scavenger hunt works). As the last clue you can lead her in front of the fireplace, or back to the tree, or to a closet where you are hiding or something and surprise! Best xmas present ever!

    my FI (then BF) wanted to do this idea b/c my mom does a scavenger hunt for one gift every year. He ended up proposing in May, so that idea didn't work out, but I definitely teared up when he told me that idea!! p.s. I am also very obsessed with christmas

    I would totally open that ONE ornament if it were me

    good luck!! :o)
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  • aw its nice you came on here lol but i wouldn't do it ahead of time like that. that's so suspicious & she's prolly sneak & look & what if it got lost or fell off or something over so much time. what i would do is get the tree put white lights on & you could just do lots of small white or silver balls. then hang it on the night before. just tie it to a really big colored ribbon or even get a really big ornament of a color like red & put it inside. the tops usually come off. & only have that one big one of color on there so it's obvious & really stands out. & which i think would be even cuter lol would be for you to get up early on xmas day so you can put it on then. then start the fire & put some candles around or something. then get her up & say you made coffee & have a surprise or something & take her where the tree is. not overly complicated where anything could go wrong but very sweet.
  • very very cute idea. I'm gonna go ahead and agree with PP's that you should do it the night before and I do love the idea of having te ornaments spell out the proposal.

    FWIW Mr Lil's original proposal got ruined when the chocolate egg he bought to put the ring in melted (he's british, he buys me kinder eggs because they are hollow and have a litle plastic egg inside with a toy and I collect the toys). So he ended up just getting down on one knee and proposing and to be honest, as long as I got something sparkly I couldn't have cared less how elaborate it was haha.
  • Oooo Maybe if you still want to stick with the one ornament idea, you should have all the ornaments one color like blue all over and one ornament right in the middle in diamond white glitter *hint hint Diamonds LOL, or you could have several little gifts like candy in the ornaments, and she has to look through them all until *Gasp! the ring!
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