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Bridal Gowns on Sale Website

I recently came across this website.. the gowns are AMAZING and unbelievably cheap... I'm already nervous about buying a dress online, but I'm finding its so much cheaper that way... Has anyone heard of this site?? Does it seem sketchy to you?


Re: Bridal Gowns on Sale Website

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    i couldn't buy a dress unless i try it on.  or they have a really good return policy...
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    I've heard too many horror stories about the online stores from China, I wouldn't do it.

    What I'm considering my self is that I found a seocnd dress that I love wayyyy more then the first one (the 1st one was more of mom's choice and me caught up in the moment) and I've been looking for it on the 'pre owned sites' I actually found a floor model of the one I want from a store going out of business.  I'm still not 100% sure I'll go down this route but thats about as far as I will go.

    Just curious is the one in your profile the dress you want or the style you are looking for? Cause my 1st dress I'm trying to sell is kinda of similar if you'd like to try it on I'll give you a deal
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    You  might want to go and try gowns on then see if you can find the one you want on line cheaper. I have heard that the China sites are hit and miss, there is an internet store in the US that seems to get good reviews: www.romanticgowns.com, they have good return policy and you if you order 3 gowns the re: stocking fee only applies to one ..
    Good Luck!
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    Did you order your dress yet on bridalgownsonsale.com? I am thinking of ordering my dress from there too. My sister-in-law ordered her dress online from one of the China website and she received it. I also got replies from their website when I emailed their customer service...so, it seems legit. Still deciding though...
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