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Hey Amanda, this is really random, but we are planning on meeting with Tina Long sometime this week (Weddings by Tina). I was just looking at her website today and saw what looked to be pics from her officiating your wedding over the weekend. If you happen to see this, would you mind giving me a quick review of her services?

We have already met with 2 officiants and I know FI is going to get flustered if we have to meet with too many others. So, I'm just wanting to check to see if she would be worth our while. TIA and congrats again!

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  • Yup- It was Tina! She was great. Not only was she professional, but she was also very personable. We had some issues with wind and sound (being outside and on a rooftop will do that) but she overcame it and you could hear everything quite easily. She made not only myself  and DH feel comfortable but she also made my family (especially my dad) feel comfortable. It felt very intimate and not formal at all. The last thing DH and I wanted was to seem awkward committing the rest of our lives together, haha. 
    Because both of our families are Catholic, and we opted for a non-Catholic wedding, we wanted to leave religion out of our ceremony. Tina was very accommodating and even came up with a script that fit something I had heard before. 
    I have nothing but great things to say about Tina. You will find her accommodating, easy to work with, professional, yet still personable. 
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    Yay, thanks so much! We'll definitely move forward with our meeting then. :)
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    [QUOTE]Yay, thanks so much! We'll definitely move forward with our meeting then. :)
    Posted by ejheart[/QUOTE]
    Tina is who we are using as our officient for our wedding next June. I spoke with her and one other officient and I really liked her and clicked with her. I like the fact that we can really do anything we want and she seems very willing to accomodate.
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