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How to shop for non matching bridesmaid dresses

Here is the deal.  I dont want all of my BM's to be matchy matchy, its just not fair to them, one could look great while the other could look hideous. I want to just tell them either of 2 colors and give them all a color swatch to help them shop.  My concern is that they wont be able to find dresses to match unless we all go to a bridal shop together.  Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone done this?  I dont want them all to spend a ton and be stuck with a dress they wont wear again.  We all know we have at least one of those which was a huge waste of $.  Thanks!!!

Re: How to shop for non matching bridesmaid dresses

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    I chose Dessy as the dress brand and gave them a color (champagne). From there they could pick any of the long dresses. In the end, they all ended up liking the same dress, but I definitely wanted them to feel comfortable wearing different dresses, if that's what they preferred.

    We went to a store that a had lot of Dessy styles and they all tried on a bunch to see what they each liked best. ETA: I went with two of them, one went alone to the same store, and one went to a store closer to her home (she was OOT), so I tried to make sure I wasn't intruding too much on their schedules by forcing them to all try on dresses at the same time

    When it came to ordering, they all ordered from Netbride.com. They got their dresses in perfect condition and each saved $100 on the dress.
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    We went with Aria dresses on Newbury. All of my girls chose their own style and neckline while picked the color, length and material.
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    I suggest having them all buy the same color in the same fabric from the same designer and then let them pick the different styles within that.  We went to Allegria Bridal in Belmont and we went with the Amsale dresses. I told them they could choose whichever style they wanted but they ended up all going for the exact same one so it was pretty easy!
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    I did the same thing as JBS.  I picked a fabric and color from Dessy and had each bridesmaid pick a dress they liked.  Everyone ended up picking a different dress.  We also ordered from netbride.com which kept the cost down.
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    I went with 4 out of 5 girls to David's Bridal I told them the color, length, and fabric I wanted.  They all came out with the same dress so we are getting those.  I definitely think going to a store that has lines of dresses with the same colors will help keep the shades consistent.

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    I went wanted them to be wearing the same color/fabric but choose their own styles. We started out going to a big bridesmaid dress shop and having them try on whatever they liked, but they couldn't come to an agreement on one brand. We eventually ended up with J Crew short silk chiffon dresses in different styles.

    If I was doing it all over again, I would say go with one BM/MOH and have her choose a designer, then have the others choose whatever dress from that same designer. Would have saved some time.

    For your idea though, if you don't care too much about fabrics matching or anything, it seems like giving them swatches could work. As long as you are prepared for the colors to not match exactly, which I think looks fine.
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    I took my girls to David's Bridal . We actually all picked out my colors together (I wanted the colors to look good on them). Then I chose the length and they chose the style. I have 4 girls in my BP and each of them chose a different style.
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    I went with Aria too and my girls were thrilled to have so many choices. It was really easy and their website it really simple to navigate. The Newbury St location is closed, however, they do have a try-on program where you can have them mail you a sample dress to try on so you can see how a specific style will look on you. 

    My five girls chose 3 different dresses between them and they are all really happy with what they got. 

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