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Bridal Gowns and matching Flower Girl Dresses

Sorry for all the posts lately .. but I know that's what everyone is here for. I found one website that had a flower girl dress that matched one of the gowns I was looking at. Where else can I find more like these? My flower girl doesn't HAVE to match me but I figured it would be cute and plus with all the millions of dresses out there, it would help me to narrow it down.

Re: Bridal Gowns and matching Flower Girl Dresses

  • LouWho19LouWho19 member
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    I believe Alfred Angelo has little wedding dresses for flower girls!
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  • kris2131kris2131 member
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    I know David's Bridal has some. I came across the flower girl version of my wedding dress. And looking at the others they had, it looked like that wasn't the only one.
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    Thanks girls :]
    Alfred Angel was the one I had seen that was the same. I was hopeing there would be a link to the gown that it matched you know? (On the other sites)
  • Kris092988Kris092988 member
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    This place has a lot of flower girl dresses, I know some of them match certain dresses, but they have a wide variety so usually you can find something similar to the bridal gown, if not the same. And they are pretty decently priced. Don't pick your gown based on your option of flower girl dresses, if you can't find one that matches perfectly, you could always get a seamstress to alter one for pretty cheap.
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