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Lenox Tin Can Alley

So my FI and I registered for the Lenox Tin Can Alley and we were intending for this to be our everyday china because it is supposed to be "casual china". Only now I am realizing that it says it is actually bone china. I am confused because I thought bone china was the good, expensive stuff that is considered fine china. I guess I am wanting to see if other people got this china and if they use it for everyday or formal use. I am completely in love with it and was not what I had in mind for formal occasions anyway. I just want to make sure it is not too fragile to use all the time. Has anyone else registered for this china or had a similar experience? What did you do?! Thanks in advance!

Re: Lenox Tin Can Alley

  • That is a beautiful set. It is bone china but you don't have to worry about it being fragile because bone china holds up better then most everyday dishes. I remember the sales lady gave me a demo on how strong bone china was by standing on a teacup and it didn't break. The good thing about the tin can alley is that you can use it for your every day dishes or set it up with beautful table linens and some colorful accessories and it can serve as your fancy dinnerware. 
  • We registered for bone china as our only china. It is the most durable of the different types of china. Our only requirements was that they were dishwasher and microwave safe. 

    Bone china IS nice and durable, and can be used as casual or fine.
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  • We registered for this as well (because we wanted white, and we wanted made in the USA- and it's much prettier than the white Fiestaware!).   After we registered, I got an e-mail or a call from one of our best friends (she introduced us), who reminded me she had registered for the same pattern last year (I even bought her a serving bowl- but didn't remember)... and uses it for her every day dishes and loves it!
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