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I want to know...

Do you have a favorite inspiration picture (or pictures) that helped you visualize your ideas for your wedding more clearly? I know I do, but I would love to see what you guys use for inspiration. Post'em if you have'em!

Re: I want to know...

  • I found the greatest inspiration pictures, but I'm not going to be able to incorporate any of the ideas, since they would be pricey. I'm just using my own creativity to come up with fun ideas.

  • We're taking these and modifying/combining them to make our own with an alter under it...I already got the curtains and top sheet for $30 off amazon! YAY!

    This is going to be our centerpieces except we're going to add flowers and such to it...probably a wreath of roses and hydrangeas.

    And this is what our puppy's going to wear as the ringbearer/best puppy.

    This is me and my puppy Kaelas....his name means "white death" but he only means that with his squeaky far we've seen the demise of a frog and an alien...followed by the desecration of the remains as he tore the stuffing out of them.  He's afraid of butterflies....

  • brit, those are really pretty. Is that a Rancid chair cover??? My fiance' would freak out! Crazy awesome.

    sevatipari, I LOVE the pretty altars with the drapes. I also love the doggy bow tie. I can picture a dog being afraid of butterflies. Things fluttering around and stuff. That brings back a memory of my dog eating bees!
  • I got my drapes for $30 momma said I'd be lucky to get them for $100...gotta love amazon...
  • $30 is cheap!!! I'm actually looking at black tulle to hang either around our cake, in the tent (if we use one), or in the banquet room. I'm hoping to get a bunch from JoAnn fabrics with a 40% off coupon. I hope it works out. I actually thought using tulle was really cheesey (and really wedding-ish), but for some reason I think it could work out. I need something to make a dark colored impact.
  • I think that would be AWESOME!!! Unfortunately I can't use my favorite shades of my favorite colors.  Fiance said no purple at all....*pout* and it'll be too hot out side to use dark blue and we can't use black (we're putting the guys in gray/charcoal tuxes to match fiance) cause Fiance and I both have that natural redheaded complextion (except my hairs dark brown with red highlights and I have greenish blue eyes) where black makes us look  Fiance is definitely your traditional big burly redhead irish/scottish man...and I'm talking carrot top red hair BLUE eyes.  Our kids are screwed.  they're all going to be pale with red hair and blue or green eyes.  Though knowing my luck I'm going to get that recessive gene from he!! and my kids going to look Cherokee just like my grandmother and father (grandmas a 1/4 her dad was a half).
  • yeah FI has to wear spf 70 or he can't stay out for more than 15 mins even then he gets a lil red.  WOW big difference love the dark look.  I wanna do something different with my hair like maybe cutting it short but im too afraid too.  my grandmother and my fiance love my long hair though I did recently cut it to my shoulders to get it all even from where my layers were F'ed up.
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