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Winery wedding vs hall

Hey ladies! this is my first time posting on here, newly engaged and looking at a fall wedding for next year. We live out east on LI and I'm wondering what are some of the pros and cons to each wedding, winery/vineyard vs a hall?. I would love to have our wedding out east at one of the winery's, but I'm not sure if it would mean a lot more work and a lot more money?. -Thanks!

Re: Winery wedding vs hall

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    Martha's Vineyard is amazing and unique. You can choose a hall but they are wedding mills and could do more than one wedding in a day (most of them anyway). One thing you know for sure, you will have good wine.
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    You have to be careful because some of the wineries require a site fee and require outside catering and chairs.  Which could add up
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  • positivelypositively member
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    The problem with most and I think all of the winderies is that you have to bring in a caterer (could be expensive), tables/chairs/tent, liquor might be separate and most of them charge a grounds fee.

    But don't givd up keep searching.
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    i agree with PP, the winery's can get expensice since you have to bring EVERTHING in (from tables and chairs to butter knives and salt & pepper shakers)  and site fees are at least $5000 (at least they were 5 years ago).  i would have LOVED to get married at Raphael vinyard, but it was insanly expensive. 
    you could try the "vinyard caterer"  they are a vinyard and a catering hall all in one! GL
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    I agree. I looked at both wineries and halls, as I originally wanted a winery wedding, but in the end, I went with a hall. The wineries were insanely expensive once you added in the fact that they charge you a site fee, on top of having to get your own caterer and pretty much everything else. Raphael was the only one that I found did a full package deal at their winery, but they were pretty expensive, since they still charged you a site fee on top of the package.
    bottom line...as beautiful as they are...they're expensive!

    trust me, you'll know the place that's right for you as soon as you walk through the doors! good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!. I was definitely starting to get the feeling that the numbers would really add up with a winery, and honestly..as stressful as planning a wedding already is, I don't need to add having to get all the other stuff done on my own and the extra money it will cost. I'm going to *look* at some winery's out east, see if any are within our budget and then decide..but I have a strong feeling we'll be going with a hall!. Thank you guys! we're going to look at a couple of places in the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll find the one!!
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    I wanted a winery-type wedding, too.  However, the cost was... a lot.  Anytime you need to bring a caterer, it starts to get expensive because, as others have said, you need to rent the table, chairs, forks, plates, etc.

    I was not really a fan of the banquet hall wedding, but after visiting SIX halls in two days, I've got to say that you really get a lot for your money there.  Everything is coordinated professionally, your menu will be beautiful, and the people that work there know what they are doing.  If I did a wedding outside of a hall, I'd be running around trying to figure everything out myself, otherwise I'd have to hire a planner.  Lots of the halls have a wedding coordinator to help you out with all the little things, and to give you suggestions.  It just feels to me that if I do it at a hall, everything will run perfectly without me having to do anything.  Also, you should make an appointment to visit somewhere and get a quote and see all the things you get.  I think you'd be surprised.  I certainly was.

    Good luck and congratulations!!!
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    Sara, you said it perfectly! the absolute last thing that I want to do is be running around getting everything ready, when I know that a hall can do that for me. Enough stress goes into planning a wedding as it is!. We're looking at East Wind tomorrow, and Three Village Inn later this week..we're still going to check out a couple of winery's, but I doubt that we will settle for one!!. Thank you!
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    I have to echo what everyone else said about wineries. It's gorgeous and a unique setting, but everything is ala carte and it adds up so quickly. Have you thought of doing a hotel wedding? You get the benefits of a hall without the turnover or multiple weddings.
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    Can I make a suggestion?? Try Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport. It's surrounded by wineries but certainly not a 'hall' at all. Very charming, unique and upscale. Wish I found out about it before I booked my wedding, it would have been perfect. Good Luck!
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