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Walking down the aisle?

Hi everyone -  hope everyone's planning is going well.  We have decided to get married at a local park that has an island surrounded by a small lake.   It is a large area and we are having a small ceremony (about 50 max).  My question for everyone is - how do you think the best way to make an entrance is.  I will need to walk across a bridge first to get to the ceremony area and from there it is a good distance from where we will be having the ceremony.    

We will be taking some pictures before as it is a sunset wedding and don't want to be caught in the dark trying to take pictures?


Re: Walking down the aisle?

  • im having the same issue, only i dont hvae a bridge to walk over, mine is in a park... I am debating making a type of arch with curtains, to make an entrance thrugh, that can also be used later as a backdrop for pictures at my reception hall, but I am not sure...
  • This idea is pretty cool for an outdoor wedding. You could decorate according to your own style, a great way to keep yourself hidden until you want to be seen :-) http://pinterest.com/pin/262616221991698141/
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