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Are any of you lovely ladies also on twitter? I used it for wedding planning a bit, found some good desi resources and brides to be, but I also tweet with other runners and about anything that comes to mind.

(Example: today's tweets were focused on not being able to find a decent pair of sandals. My favorite brand actually helped me locate stores that might have them for me, nice!)

Re: Twitter

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    I'm pretty sure  I'm the only person in my family who ISN'T on Twitter! Practically live on Facebook, though.
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    I'm not... I find the concept mildly embarrassing actually, but I'll probably have to get over that soon because it's the latest and greatest fashion here.  DH is on it for professional reasons.  He watches TV with his iphone, ipad, and laptop at the ready, so that he can continuously check email, FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I have no idea what he tweets, but he's the type that likes to share and in Silicon Valley it's important that people know your name.
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    At first I didn't understand it, but if you filter through the truck loads of crap on there, it's useful. Like today, I was able to chase down a pair of shoes, earlier in the year I was able to find out out delayed flights through our airline and I've connected with some great runners and desi brides.

    I don't share lots of information and like on FB I keep most of my political and other potentially hot button opions to myself. There is a time and a place for those and FB and Twitter aren't on that list (in my mind) of places to share them.

    In other random news, I am watching America's Got Talent and this guy is about to juggle stun guns. Yeah...
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    I have a twitter and twitter about everything. :-/ BUT its fun. :)
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