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I need help!!!

my fiancée and I are both college student in ours 20.. We dont have a lot money to spend in the wedding since we want to save more money for the honeymoon... The church that we are getting married in is offering ou to use the space that they have in the baseman which is huge and it quite need a lot of decor but they are letting us used it so free!! But they wont let us bring any alcohol into the space. The other worry that i have is the ppl will try to get in, ppl that i didn't invite in the first place and thing get out of hands! What can I do to make sure that the guest dont feel uncomfortable about not having drinks, and also how to prevent all this ppl coming in, in a nice way?

Re: I need help!!!

  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    How long is your ceremony? If it is short (under 30 mins) I would say go ahead and do the ceremony in both languages.

    If its long my opinion is this: The 30 people who speak English are they family? If yes then I would do this: lets say its your family that speaks English and his speaks Spanish then he should say his vows in Spanish and you could say yours in English.

    If the 30 people who speak English aren't family I would say that a translation in the programs would be sufficient.

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    I heard a spanish storyteller speak one time, and they provided us with a brief synopsis of her story in the program, but she told it entirely in spanish - her wording and storytelling was so beautiful that even though we did not understand all of the words, we understood the meaning. I would provide an english program for your guests and then have the officiant repeat any bible verses in english. As for your vows, if Spanish is what you natively speak - I would not bother translating, it will still be beautiful. :)
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  • preciosa4preciosa4 member
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    If you can, have some parts translated (readings, etc.) but if you can't (and even if you can) have translations in your program.  It doesn't have to be of ABSOLUTELY every word, but the major parts at least.

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