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New York-Long Island

How much for your DJ?

Hi! I'm an editor at TheKnot.com, but I'm also a newly-engaged Long Island bride :)

I only moved to LI in the last few months, so I'm not sure what kind of prices to expect for everything. How much did you ladies pay for your DJ? What is the average I should expect?

Thanks for your help!

Re: How much for your DJ?

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    We have an upgraded package with flat screens and a few other bells and whistles and it's almost 3000.00
  • kttestkttest member
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    Mine is about $3200, we got the deluxe lighting as well as uplighting for the room.  I think their basic package was just under $2000.
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    It's hard to pinpoint an average; as the previous posts show, you can get uplighting, bells and whistles and a whole of other stuff, or just keep to the music with some mceeing (which is the route I went).

    I got a 6 hour package for just under $1600 (including park fees, not including gratuity), and that was for my dj, assistant, and emcee duties.  We had plenty of meetings and accessibility over the email was good.  But that was before summer (and wedding season) hit.  Some djs charge travel fees; there's really a lot to consider.

    I wanted to stay around $1500, so it worked for me; anything approaching $2k-3k just seemed like money I'd rather spend elsewhere.  My two cents...
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    I was with you SLBRIZ...we stayed in the $1500 range. NO lighting or flat screens though. 
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    Our DJ was a recommendation by a close friend who works for WBLI. He is charging us $1050...this includes DJ, MC, Light show for 4 hours. If we wanted him to play for the cocktail hour and ceremony it would be an additional $150. The name of his company is Crowd Control.
  • scoobyd266scoobyd266 member
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    We paid $2400 for 1 DJ, 1 Emcee & a photog for 6 hours. They did our ceremony music as well as cocktail and reception. We had two flat screens with zap-shots taken throughout the night, and a video montage. We were given separate discs with the zap-shots, the scanned photos from our montage, the montage itself, a music soundtrack from our day (processional song, recessional song, first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, etc.) Overall, I felt like we got a lot for our money. They were amazing, and people were up on the dance floor dancing the whole time. I would definitely recommend!
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    We paid about 2000 for mc/dj, cocktail, ceremony music, and the whole lighting experience....it was wonderful - lighting & music. we used LI SOUND:-)
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    I've found a lot of DJs on gigmasters.com but I have not booked one yet.  I have seen as cheap as $800 and up.  I think though that anything under $1500 must be some sort of scam though because it seems like it's too good to be true.
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  • FaeStarsFaeStars member
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    I got mine for $1000 and they are well reviewed. We got the basic 1 man package w basic lights (which are very small) and CD music for CH and ceremony. They did give us a really good deal. The owner gave me the price over the phone and then when I saw them at a showcase I said I spoke to the guy and that was the price and even though they didn't have my paperwork w them, they just gave me that price.
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    $2395. Xtreme Sounds

    2 plasmas
    photo montage
    and moderate lighting package

    check them out. Ask for Freddy. He's great. I've seen them at other weddings and fire department dinner and they're awesome. Tell them what you want and your budget and he will make it work as best as he can.
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    What Dj company did you use? Slbriz
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