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I live In AR, White County to be exact, but am looking for a spot to take bridal pictures. I would like to do them in/around a building since the wedding is outside. I just moved here and basically have no idea where to look or go to do this. I am an hour's drive from Little Rock, Conway, and 2 hours from Jonesboro, so distance isn't a problem. Where can I borrow or rent a building for a few hours to do pictures? If a building is not available, I am willing to do a garden or something, as long as my dress doesn't get dirty! 

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    Sorry, I'm from the otherside of the state so I don't have any specific suggestions. I've seen lots of bridals in the NWA region done in fields (fences, hay stacks, old barns, etc) If that's not your cup of tea, try for historic areas. Good luck!
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    Little Rock has The Old Mill that is really cool and makes great pics.....but it is all outdoors.  A lot of Jonesboro brides go to Walcott (it's about 10 mins north of Jonesboro really) to a park that has a lot of good backdrops.  Also in Jonesboro, there are a lot of historic looking buildings downtown that you can do alley pictures in against the buildings and in front of the churches and such.  The photographer that I am considering right now has an indoor studio but will do some outdoor photos in the Jonesboro alleys and at the park at Walcott.  I hope this is of some help at least.  

    Sorry, I don't know of many buildings that are available indoors......your photographer should be able to tell you of some places that they have used before for pics.
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    There are a lot of mansion's in the Quapaw Quarters (Downtown Little Rock) that are wonderful! Trapnall Hall or the Old Statehouse.

    Do you know what type of indoor building do you have in mind? Little Rock has alot of churches that offer several options to the point where you wouldn't realize you're in a church!
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