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another makeup advice post, for sensitive skin?

I have very sensitive skin, any mineral or powder makeup makes me break out, and the one loose powder I found that was gentle enough has been discontinued! Even the neutragena skin clearing powder foundation caused me to break out! If it doesnt make me break out it makes me red and inflamed and sometimes peely (gross I know, sorry) I found that covergirl clean foundation and revalon colorstay work ok, but I have oily skin too and they dont last all that long without setting it with powder so im in a bind for my wedding which will be outdoors in august! anything with SPF would be great, too as I pink up in 20 min in the sun. I need help :)

Re: another makeup advice post, for sensitive skin?

  • Wow, sensitive skin!  Have you seen a dermatologist? He/She can usually help the underlying cause & at least give you a better canvas to work with. I have sensitive skin (and, yes oily), too but no where near as bad as you, i'm sorry!  Have you tried Oil of Olay moisturizers? I use that on my face, neck & chest & there are several that have SPF (that will be a definate for you); they are usually very very gentle & don't clog pores (get the one in the pink bottle, for senisitive skin).

    I'm very surprised that mineral makeup still gives you issues... you may be allergic to an common makeup ingredient (again...dermatologist). Perhaps go to the makeup counter of a (good) department store & explain your situation, they may be able to recommend something.  The dewy look is still in, so I wouldn't worry too much about powder, just start a good skincare regimen NOW & arm your bridesmaid w/ several sheets of rice paper (for blotting oil from your face).  I recommend playing up your eyes and trying to keep the rest neutral.... there is no reason why you can't arrange to touch up your makeup every few hours (mine doesn't last either & I've been known to do concealer, blush & mascara on a potty break, lol)

    Best of luck for your August wedding! (Use sunscreen!) :)
  • Oil of olay mousturizers make me break out, I have found that neutragena sensitive skin mouturizer works great I have had the best skin in years since using that, I have had to do a lot of trial and error over the years no one brand or type of product is safe. I think its possibly enviromental, I have always had sensitive skin, but it went into the crazy over the top sensitive mode when I moved to new york 4 years ago, I will be moving to a much less polluted area, (you can see stars) after the wedding so hopefully that will help.
    What foundation do you use? I love the covergirl clean foundation over avon magix for spf but without powder it starts to melt within an hour, less if its hot out, does your last longer than that?

  • Definitely see a dermatologist to try to treat the underlying problem, and in the meantime try Arbonne.  They are plant based makeup products and absolutely wonderful.  The only drawback is that you have to go thru a consultant (just like Mary Kay) to order products, but they are the most natural product I found.
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