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When to have the rehearsal dinner?

My rehearsal is at 1:00 on a Friday. It's the latest time my venue would allow. Is it acceptable to have the dinner hours later? I'm planning on having a flower construction party for me, my maids and our moms. So I'm thinking maybe do that in between to fill the time gap? But then the boys would have to figure something out. Or do you think I should just have it follow the rehearsal?
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Re: When to have the rehearsal dinner?

  • What's a flower construction party?

    I would try anything I could to not have the rehearsal in the middle of the day on Friday. That seems like it would be very inconvenient for a lot of people with work and what not. Even if your particular venue can't do it later, you could find another place to have the rehearsal (even a backyard or something). Rehearsals are pretty simple: walk here, this is when you walk, etc. It doesn't have to be at the exact place if you figure out the timing.

    So my advice would be to move the rehearsal to 530 or 600 at a different location and have the dinner following right after.

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  • Sorry but it sounds like you're looking for free labor from your WP with a flower construction party. Host a lunch instead or push the entire thing back, keep in mind that the rehearsal doesn't have to be at the venue.
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  • You don't have to rehearse at your venue. We didn't since the Friday evening before our wedding there were other weddings going on there. So, we rehearsed in the back yard and had a Caribbean themed bbq after for everyone.

    Have you considered rehearsing elsewhere to accomodate your guests? 1:00 in the afternoon on a Friday sounds extremely inconvenient for most people's work schedules.
  • I was in a wedding where the rehersal had to be earlier as well-- we knew well in advance so it was not a problem to get the time off to be there for our best friend... anyway, we did the rehersal and then had a lucheon set up afterwards in lieu of the "dinner".  After that the bridal party went to get their nails and stuff done and we spent the rest of the day hanging together with friends and family.  In your case you could do the luncheon type thing and then your flower party. 
    With an early rehersal, I guess be prepared in case people can't get time off to be there, but I'm sure if most people will do it if they can!

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