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Rehersal dinner in Loudon/Fairfax County

Hello!  I'm in a total panic with trying to find a rehersal dinner location for our wedding at the end of the April.  My fiance's family wants to include out of town family too, so the guest count will likely be 75-100, but they're only giving us $2K for the event somewhere in the Loudon/Fairfax County area.  I'm convinced that we'll have to kick in some cash of our own, but my question is - do you know any venues that are casusal and relatively cheap that can handle a group that big?  We're just looking to do something simple - like bbq or something - but it's so hard to find a place big enough that won't break the bank!


Re: Rehersal dinner in Loudon/Fairfax County

  • I was going to suggest doing a picnic or something.  

    We're getting married in Charlottesville in April (April 7th), and we're inviting the entire guest-list (about 100 people) to a picnic in one of the city parks, and having the whole thing catered by our reception caterer, all for about $2000 (it will actually be a little bit less as we tweak the menu).   If you use a restaraunt for catering, like Mexican, BBQ, Italian, or whatever, then it might be substantially less.   Then you just need to find a place to have it -- parks work great (you can usually get a picnic shelter for $50 or $60).
  • Thanks!  I've looked into parks a bit, but so far there have been issues with either bathrooms or alcohol, so that's been a problem, but maybe I should give them another shot. 

    Good luck with your wedding - we're just a few weeks after you (april 21!)
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