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Recap Married 5/26/12 Sneek Peek Photos

Here is a short recap.

The day started out and I had so much to do.  I had some help.  We had to get H stuff around, set chairs up, set arch up, get everything else up to the pasture (ceremony location), shower and much more.  I had help but I had to be up there when everything was set up to make sure it looked right.  Then I had to take H and bestman and ushers clothes to his parents house across the street.  My bridal attendent insisted that someone else take the stuff over but I had to do it because I had to tell MIL about the corsages and bouts.  I know that someone else could have done that but you know how messages get mixed up when you have someone else do it.  When I got over to MIL house she thought I was sick or mad, my face was bright red because I had been running all morning.  She got very worried about me.  My parents still were not here and I think that was part of my face being red because I was pissed that they were not there yet and it was almost 11.  I could have used more help that morning.  My parent got there right beffore 11 and my mom immediately came in and gave me a hug and apologized for not being there.  My brother admitted it was his fault that they were not there earlier he fell back asleep.  The hairdresser and photographer arrive.  My hair is fixed and I do my own make up.  

We did first look pictures in our back yard.  H turned around and all he could say is you look beautiful.  He could not stop staring at me.  We went up to the pasture for wedding party pictures they went smoothly then came back and cooled down in the house since it was 89 degress.  Ceremony started off great I could not believe it was really happening.  Then we get to the part of where we exchange the rings and H uncle passes out.  So we had a 10 min delay in the wedding.  My sister is an RN and went running back to him as fast as she could.  They poured water all over him to cool him down.  H and I just stood up there waiting not knowing what to do.  They called an ambulance because he was in and out of consciousness.  They put him in a vehicle and met the ambulance down the road to not interupt anymore.  He ended up having a heat stroke.  No one knew that he had heat problems before not even his wife but he told the EMTs that he had.  He had some alcohol before the ceremony to celebrate and should have had water instead.  He is fine now.

So after the delay and shock of this happening at our wedding we restart from where we were and finish up the beautiful ceremony.  The reception was a blast.  Everyone complimented that the food was aweome and the ceremony was beautiful despite the small situation.  H was amazing all day and all night.  He is the love of my life and we had a pefect day even with the problems that we had.

I posted this earlier but it never showed up.  The photoghrapher posted a few sneek peek photos and I am dying to see the rest now.  

Here is the link

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Re: Recap Married 5/26/12 Sneek Peek Photos

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