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Hi -
I'm planning a June wedding in Billings and i've got most things sorted out... or at least starting too!  But i'm having trouble finding someone to video the ceremony and parts of the reception.  Any suggestions?

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    Honestly I would suggest getting a family member or friend to do it. Anyone you trust with any video camera would turn out great. Its expensive to have a professional videographer do it.
    Here are two in town i've heard of: Silver Cam Videography (406) 697-4823 ... Cottonwood Productions (406)545-4210 their website is: and it lists pricing, looks like $900 for only 2 hrs at ONE location is their cheapest option. 

    I wouldn't think you'll be able to find anyone much cheaper then that which is why I think a friend/family member is the best. But if its in your budget and you want it to be professional, then I guess thats the way to go :)

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