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Jackson Hole

HI all!
I am getting married in Jackson Hole and I am having the HARDEST time finding wedding cakes, bakers, ect....does anyone know of anyone out there???

Re: Jackson Hole

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    I'm using Lisa Miller at Shades Cafe. If you're on a budget, a friend of mine used Albertson's and was happy with what she got. Atelier Ortega is very good, but that will be more pricey. But his cakes are amazing.

    Congrats and happy planning!
  • acbeck1656acbeck1656
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    Thank you! THis helps a lot! You only have 1.5 weeks left!! YEAH!
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    In Response to Re: Jackson Hole:
    [QUOTE]Thank you! THis helps a lot! You only have 1.5 weeks left!! YEAH!
    Posted by acbeck1656[/QUOTE]
    I know, it's insane. Time flies. Glad I could help!
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    Jaclyn is an amazing pastry chef and all around awesome girl. Check out her website:

    I have tasted her desserts in the village. Yumm!
  • mlenoir1mlenoir1
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    We loved all the cakes, whoopie pies, and pasteries that Monica at Jackson Cake Company made for us during our events.  She even made a traditional Kransekake which is traditional on my husband's side of the family.  I found out that even my caterer uses her to make their desserts so they don't have to run their ovens during the summer.  She's absolutely wonder to work with!       

    Monica Seip Owner/Baker                                                   
    PO Box 1863
    Wilson WY 83014
    [email protected]

    ~ Michelle LeNoir-Rende ~
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