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Tips on negotiating price per head

Hi Ladies,

My fiance and I are going to check out two venues this weekend and then we are making our decision (based off a total of three places).  Any negotiating tips?

Thank you!

Re: Tips on negotiating price per head

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    yes! ask if they're flexible. i found i got much better responses just asking for them to lower the rates than figuring out what i could say to make them. giving them MY budget was better than them telling me theirs. you'd be surprised with how well people work with you if you're upfront about what you can spend. they want your business-within limits they should work with you as much as possible.
    good luck!


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    This is hard, because negotiating a price that is set before you walk in the door is a tall hurdle to cross. Most things that show in your favor are:
    1) Date of wedding - off season should be much cheaper;
    2) What they will offer you that you don't need - for instance, most places now offer the cake with your price. If you don't need it (a family member will make it or you already have a bakery in mind) should lower the price; change a sit down dinner to buffet; no cocktail hour; not using their tables, chairs, equipment, etc.
    3) Don't use an open bar or have just beer and wine. However, etiqutte says never have your guest pay for drinks.
    4) Evening weddings/receptions are more expensive at some places.
    5) Holidays are cheaper
    6) Midweek is cheaper, as opposed to weekend.
    7) Limited food options for guests at reception should lower the price.
    8) Not using their preferred vendors.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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    Congratulations!  I think most business operators will try to accomodate your budget (within reason) to their needs. If you try this in a nice a respectful way- I bet you'll  be pleasantly surprised.  GHood luck.
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    We got a cheaper price by offering to pay for everything in cash. They didn't charge us the tax & it saved us about $4000
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    Wow- this was really helpful!  Thanks!
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    I actually walked in to my venue and told them I was debating between two places and my decision as to where I would go depended on their price. They asked me what the other location was charging per head and of course I said a low cost and so they matched it. But when I came back a second time with my FI, when the manager found out that he's a police officer, he actually dropped the price a bit more. So in conclusion, just about anything will work to haggle a price!
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