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Bridesmaid Gifts

Does anyone have any good ideas for bridesmaid gifts?  I'd rather not default to the jewelry-to-wear-with-your-bridesmaid-dress gift, since that seems a bit self-serving.  Is anyone doing different gifts for each bridesmaid?  Thanks!

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts

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    I am giving them all gift certificates to a spa (that they will use when they want,  not before the wedding..)  This way they can use it to get whatever service they want.
  • shugameganshugamegan member
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    I'm doing individual gifts for each bridesmaids. Many people say to shop for them like it's their birthday.

    My MOH is getting a wood carving kit with a beginner's book. She is an art conservation major and wants to start making her own frames.

    I'm getting a Nook reader gift card for another BM because she reads non-stop and that can add up in cost so I know she'd appreciate it

    My other two I am unsure about as of yet.  Think about each of their styles, hobbies, likes/dislikes and go from there.
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  • Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
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    I already got my bridesmaids necklaces and earrings....and it's fun, but I'm thinking not sure that's all I want to do.  This was forever ago when I was planning everything. 

    I've been contemplating, for a while now, at least getting my maid and matron of honor something special on top of that because they have to spend $350 to fly up here just to be in the wedding.  It's a BIG expenditure and I feel like I"m not quite doing enough for them.  My other bridesmaids all live locally.  Soo, I know how you feel, kind of stuck here.  I don't want to spend TOO much, but I want to get tome something extra special on top of the earrings and necklace.

    I suppose my advice then is just think about your budget, and what you would like as a gift, and hobbies and things they enjoy, and go with what's feasible for you.
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    I am buying the jewelry to wear for the girls on the day of, but I know from reading the boards that it's not considered a gift!  So I got them each a boat tote from LL Bean with their initials and a Philosophy bath/body wash in fun scents like pink frosted cake, strawberry milkshake, and raspberry sorbet.  I also got them little stuff for the day of like mini deodorant, mini hairspray, and mini altoids.
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  • cutypy0516cutypy0516 member
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    I got them earrings for the wedding, and I know a few of them have been wearing them after the wedding.  I also got them tote bags and filled them up with make-up from E.L.F.  Their make-up is inexpensive, but really nice.  I use it everyday.  We had someone do hair and make-up at our hotel room, so it was nice for them to have their own make-up selection. 
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  • degreadegrea member
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    I got them all tote bags, that H aunts made, they were Vera Bradley knock offs. Inside the bags i put emergency stuff for the day of the wedding like first aid kit, nail file, etc. Also bridesmaid tank that I made, earnings for the day and a note which said that I would be covering their hair and makeup that day.

    For the flower girls they got some crafts things like make you own necklaces, etc. and flower girl tank top. Which from what I understand they wear constantly!

    For ring bearer we got him a spiderman games and a big beer mug that was engraved. Each groomsman got a mug as well. He loves the mug and puts his brown milk in it!

    For usherettes I got little coach clutches. They were a hit as well.

    For ushers they got a sports sign. Sabres, Yankees, etc.

    For groomsmen they got the mug, beer/booze to put in mug! And something to hang on the wall, yingling clock, ford sign, mopar sign, etc.

    We spent around $100 per groomsmen/bridesmaids, $150 per MOH/BM, $25 FG/RB, $25 per usher/usherette 

    Our parents have yet to cash out on their gifts, They will get a copy of wedding album or large photo in frame of wedding, their choice.
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  • smitsr79smitsr79 member
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    I am making my girls jewelery so they can wear on the wedding day.  Honestly, there was a time when I was in a wedding when we didn't recieve jewelery and the bride wanted us to wear gold.  I was scrambling to find anything because I didn't own any yellow gold!!! I didn't want the girls to stress!  I also bought my girls a silver sequence wristlet.  It is super cute!

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    I got each a tote bag with their initial on it, a wine glass engraved with their name/"title", a picture frame w/ a pic of the two of us in it (my MOH & me; my BM & me), and flip flops they can wear during the reception (with a little bedazzled initial that matches the dress color).
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    I know that buying the jewelry they wear for the wedding is not really considered a gift, I'm going to do it anyway because my friend let her bridesmaids wear whatever they wanted, so one girl wore neon green chandelier earrings! That would really bother me! I'm buying their  jewelry, but also getting them some other stuff. I'm screenprinting hoodies that I got at Old Navy for $10 (my cousin has a t-shirt shop so the printing is free). I'm also getting them some sort of bag/purse/cosmetic bag. I'm trying to decide which one they'll use more.

    I need ideas too! I like the picture frame idea, but I need more. lol.
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    i have  a great gift for my bMs......message me privately and ill tell u!
  • AeroStyleAeroStyle member
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    Phillosohpy makes a lotion in a very pretty gift box that says "With Gratitude" I put that in with my MOHs other gifts. I don't think Sephora in store carries it but Ulta does.
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