Horrible Videographer!

Fair warning to all MO brides looking for a videographer. Do not use Creative Video Services: http://creativevideostl.com/index.html
I hired them to do our wedding, and I am glad I have a wedding video, but I have never worked with a vendor who was so inconsiderate, un professional and rude!
1. They showed up 15 minutes late for my wedding
2. The audio did not work on our wedding video so you cannot hear a word we are saying, even though the groom wore a mic.
3. They charged me an extra hour, for the ceremony after I had paid in full before the wedding, and said if I did not pay they would not release our wedding video.
4. When I picked up my video, I had to call 5 times before anyone came to the door, a residence, Bob Anders came to the door very unprofessionally and said he was in the middle of something. I was there to get my video and was not leaving w/ out it, he finally gave it to me, but my experience with  him was very unpleasant and unprofessional.
I would NEVER recommend them, or their services.

Very unfortunate, because I actually loved every other vendor I had.
Here are some POSITIVE recommendations, these vendors are the BEST, and I  loved working with them:
Studio M Photography: http://mcdowellphotography.com/
Soulard Florist: www.soulardflorist.com/">http://www.soulardflorist.com/
TKO DJ:http://tko-djs.com/
Caterer & Venue:
Thank you to all of my Great vendors! You are wonderful!

Re: Horrible Videographer!

  • Sorry you had to deal with them. I did not even use Creative Video Services and already would not recommend them. All I did was simply email the company, and this was my email: "Do you guys have a 'budget bride' package at all? If not, no worries I'll just keep looking elsewhere. I definitely don't have $900 left in the budget, though. Just so you know and so I don't waste your time." I even let them off the hook for getting back to me because I KNOW not everyone can negotiate for us budget brides. He COULD have said nothing, or a simple "Sorry, for the quality and work we simply can't take the price down." Instead, THIS is the email I received, which I did NOT deserve: "Good luck. You won't find anyone that can do even a bad video for less. We're the best in town, just don't charge the highest prices because we don't have the overhead. You'll spend more on food than for us, but without us you just won't have anything to show for it when it's all over. I'd suggest "Uncle Leonard" and his shaky cam. Congrats on your wedding day. Bob Anders Creative Video Services Inc." So good luck if you DO use them. They may have a good product (I don't know if they do), but I would not recommend them to ANYONE if they are willing to talk to a bride, or anyone for that matter, who simply asked a question. Good luck to them, and good luck to anyone who uses them.
  • OMG ladies........
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  • yikes, omg ; I'm so sorry you didn't get what you expected-- we didn't hire a videographer, we are doing it ourself through an online company called www.flipahit.com
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