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What do you do?

What does your FI do for a living? Or if he is in school what does he want to do?

 What are you doing for a living? or what do you want to do?

1. My FI works for our local police department and does seasonals and also works for a security job! He is in school to be a Cop. And we are hoping by next year he will have a job! :)

2.  work in a grouphome. and im in school for nursing! :) 

Re: What do you do?

  • My fiance is working on his PhD in applied mathematics; he wants to teach at the university level.

    I am in my second year of medical school. 

    We're waiting until after our graduations to get married, which is why we have chosen 2013.  
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  • FI is in grad school for a Phd in Organic Chemistry.  He wants to go into industry when he's done.

    I am a substitute teacher, looking for a full-time position.

    We're waiting until he's done with (or almost done with) school before the wedding.  He's taking his candidacy exam this spring, so hopefully, he has two years left. *fingers crossed*
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