Indoor Photo Locations- Mystic, CT

Hi Ladies! With all this crazy weather lately, I'm more worried about my April 14th wedding having bad weather. I know April is typically rainy anyways, so I'm looking for an indoor location to take pictures. Any thoughts would be really helpful, specifically in New London, Groton or Mystic. We are getting married at the Aquarium, but lighting inside is tough and I'd like to try to find a place with more natural light. I'm thinking about the Mystic Yachting Center, Lyman Allen Musuem and possibly seeing if Branford House would let me use the mansion to take pictures in, assuming there are no other events going on during that time. I have no clue the logistics of this though. Help!

Re: Indoor Photo Locations- Mystic, CT

  • I have never been here since I wasn't around then, but FI's cousins got married at the Mystic Arts Gallery.  You could check that out.
  • Ask your photographer...they probably have a million suggestions.
  • Branford House does have huge windows, but the paneling is so dark that I doubt it would give you great lighting for indoor pictures.  Besides, the bureaucracy is awful being that it is owned by UConn, and the woman who runs it has forgotten meetings with us before and hasn't unlocked it.  I wouldn't recommend it, which makes me sad because it's so beautiful, but for indoor pictures when you aren't getting married there I'd say it probably isn't dependable.



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