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Chesapeake Expressway/Outer Banks Toll Just Increased

I read an article today the effective this summer, the toll rates are being increased.  See below:

"Motorists traveling a toll road that connects Interstate 64 in Chesapeake to North Carolina and the Outer Banks will pay more beginning May 1. Media outlets report that the Chesapeake City Council voted Tuesday to raise the Chesapeake Expressway's $2 toll to $6 on summer weekends, and $3 on weekdays and during the off-season. The rate for the E-ZPass discount program also will increase from 50 cents year round to 75 cents.

A consultant's study recommended increasing the toll to help raise funds for repairing the 16-mile four-lane highway over the next five years.

For the OOT's that havent visited the OBX yet, you may want to make sure your guests and or family/friends, etc are aware of this toll road.  Its the only way to get in and out of the Outer Banks.  Ohhh and be prepared for several miles of backup on the weekends.  Last year it was back to the tolls which is still in the state of VA and its about 52 miles from the bridge taking you in.  In 22 years, I have never seen it backed up THAT far but we think it was b/c of the oil spill last year and that vacationers didnt want to go to the Gulf for vacation, so literally everyone went to Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach instead.  Hopefully it wont be backed up to the tolls this year and will only back up about 5-10 miles from the bridge.  Saturdays are by far the busiest day and Sundays are busy too but not like Saturdays are. 


Re: Chesapeake Expressway/Outer Banks Toll Just Increased

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    Oh great, between that and I'm sure what will be close to $4/gallon gas prices at the time, its going to cost our guests (and us) even more to come to the wedding :(
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    ICK...this is not good news. Thanks for sharing...I suppose I should pass this info on to our guests, I may add it as a link on our website. And I agree, gas prices are out of control!! Maybe by October they will go down a little. I hope.
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    Thank you for sharing this.
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