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my dream cake....a dental liability?

I found the perfect cake! After meeting with 4 bakeries and cake decorators...i finally found one that agreed my dream cake was do-able! But...she also informed me that it could be a "liability". It's a very simple and elegant cake...3 tiers with white icing...and the bottom half or so of each tier is covered in sugar pearls. She said the pearls concerned her because they could break peoples teeth!!! Has anyone used these edible pearls on their cake? I am now questioning whether I want to go through with my dream cake. Any thoughts, opinions or advice? The majority of the cake we will be serving will actually be sheet cakes (without pearls!) So guests have a bigger selection of flavors, but if someone requests plain old white cake...they are getting the pearls.

Re: my dream cake....a dental liability?

  • Okay, anyone who actually tries to eat one of those "edible" pearls is an idiot.  I'm not sure whose liability that she is talking about here because if someone breaks their teeth on something that she created, I'd say the liability is on her.  If you are really worried about this though, it is just a cake.  See if there is something that you can substitute that would give you the same feel as the cake that you love.

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  • Fondant can be made a pearl color.
  • Well why is it edible if it's so hard it can break a tooth? Lets be real, people WILL try to eat them, especially those who haven't seen any cake fancier than a supermarket cake. I really doubt that they will put more than 1-2 in their mouth to try. If they break a tooth, it's their own fault. Why eat it? 
  • i use those pearls all the time on cupcakes and people love them! they add a bit of sparkle and yes they are hard/crunchy sugar, but thats what a sprinkle is :) will the layers of cake covered in pearls also be covered in fondant? if so, then i really wouldn't worry at all since most people don't eat the fondant, so they won't eat the sprinkles attached to it! i'd say go for it, especially if most of the cake you serve is going to be sheet cakes anyway :)
  • I saw these in an Oriental Trading company catalog after reading your post last night, and thought you might be interested in them as an option:

    Pearl candies might be a little more dental-friendly than the dragee pearls (sometimes in cake decor "edible" is more about being non-toxic vs. something that's a good idea to actually attempt eating).

    FWIW ...

    Either way, I agree with PP that you should go for the cake that you want!
  • Thank you so much!!
  • I'm late to this, but I'm having edible pearls, and my baker told me she's doing them in a way that they can be peeled off in one piece before cutting the cake.  Not sure how she's accomplishing this, but maybe if you mention it to your baker she could figure something out...
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