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I am thinking of going with the gothic victorian theme with a hint of steampunk in there. I have searched ALL OVER THE PLACE.. and I get two results.. They don't know what on earth I am talking about or look at me like I am speaking a different language, or no one has anything other than frufru stuff that everyone else has. Can anyone possibly tell me i'm not nuts or possibly help me out with some ideas? No one else seems to know what i'm talking about ::pout::

Re: victorian...

  • Seconding Offbeat Bride Tribe all over the place. I don't find its grouping systems very condusive to talking, but the "wedding porn" as they call it is molasses thick with steampunk ideas. The big advantage to these photos of others' weddings is that they'll help close relatives and vendors understand you when you explain your inspiration/theme to them, as well as help you crystalize what works.

    I would recommend first ditching the need to look at inspiration exclusively FOR weddings, though. If you want your wedding to reflect you and your SO strongly, go through with him and discuss the traditions you find meaningful in a wedding. Remember that nothing is required except the legal aspect, and build from there to include things you want, such as being hospitable to guests, or getting to dance with your beloved. If you two don't dance, consider ditching dancing entirely, as there are lots of other fun things to do. Then go nuts looking at what other people did for their weddings! Where this will leave you is in a prime place to start looking at all the websites and sellers you normally love for gothic, Victorian and steampunk inspiration. Are you worried about whether your SO's tux will look too modern? Ditch the tux and instead buy a suit from a period reproducer. Want a black dress? Buy a great black dress rather than worrying about trying to find a labeled wedding dress with enough black accents on it.

  • I am not so much worried on my FI or our ceremony we are handfasting. Ceremony will be completely different from our reception. Neither of us are wanting anything traditional :) so things are looking like alot will get thrown out. I have actually been going out and starting to just piece things together over time to get everything to come together :)
  • I agree with PP who said don't even bother with wedding vendors. They have no idea what you'll want and make you feel ridiculous for your ideas. When we were planning we basically stuck to Gothic websites, offbeat bride, halloween stores and local goth/alternative shops.

    The best thing I can tell you is know in your mind basically what you want and what you really don't want and then scour the internet for sources and pictures. that way when people look at you with the "WTF" face you can whip something out and them and say look, this is our idea, this is our theme, this is what I am talking about. They may still not be able to provide you with what you want but they may know someone who can.

    This board is a fantastic resource. Not all of us had the same type of wedding but everyone has something different to offer. From the very goth to a few gothic elements.
  • You aren't nuts at all. My wedding is going to be a Steampunk-meets-Anthropologie Victorian wedding. As I'm going to be trying to pull this off in OKLAHOMA, I've settled on the fact that everything I don't end up making myself or buying online will have to have very, VERY specific instructions to very openminded vendors.
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